Monday, August 23, 2010

Fat Camp: DAY 1

First off this place is HUGE. I still don't have my bearings. We're in the arizona hills in Tucson. I mean it's nice and all. If you have a fondness for cacti. LOTS of cacti (scrabble word!!)

I took my first "ZUMBA!" class today. We don't have ZUMBA! at my gym. We're too "high fallutin" for all that latino crap. I have heard many good things from people around town about ZUMBA! (that's how they ALWAYS say it ZUMBA!!!!!) It always sounded lame to me.

So here's what I have to say about it.

It was a bunch of middle aged ladies and their gays. On meth. And mineral water.

They shout the word ZUMBAAA!!! About fifty million times. The instructor was Charro and Richard Simmons all in one. On meth.

It's a combo of every single aerobics class you've ever taken ALL IN ONE set to latino dance tunes. I felt like I was on the lido deck on the Love Boat, with all the silver haired ladies and their young gay studs. It was fun.

The schedule here is insane. I brought a STACK of books to read...imagining myself sipping mai-tais by the pool. no.

I have eaten a TON today. The problem with Canyon Ranch "fat camp" is that you have 3 restaurants here, with yummy albeit healthy food, and you can order WHATEVER YOU WANT. And it's included in the week. So, FREE!

I hate to say that I have already begun hoarding the choc chip cookies. But they're HEALTHY. ALL twenty of them!

Oh well, at least I'm working out.

AND I get my first of MANY massages tonight! Yippee! YAY FAT CAMP with choc chip cookies and massages!!!! I HEART DIETING!


It's cute how they have a couch. As if you get to just sit around ever. But I am making some fun senior citizen style friends. One thing is, when you get a group of old fatties around , they have LOTS of character.

My computer time is up. Time to get to my 5pm lecture on I can't remember what but I have a purse full of cookies to see me through it!


Kristina P. said...

I sort of think that ZUMBA! is probably the exercise of equivalent of Twilight. Way overhyped.

NIKOL said...

I've heard much about ZUMBA! Not enough for me to actually want to check it out myself, sounds cool. I LOVE your first day recap, and can't wait for further installments.

I'm eating from FroYo tonight in your honor. It's fat free! (and therefore, I can top it with peanut butter cups and not feel guilty).

peewee said...

HAHHAH! Yah Kristina. TOTALLY!

Anonymous said...

I've been trying to do Zumba for a while I keep hearing about it on FB, the thing is I'm more of a runner. I'm afraid I'll forget the dance steps, or step on someone...

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

I just can't picture me liking Zumba. (Especially the yelling, "Zumba" all the time. What a great place to camp. (I would be taking the cookies too.)

Kris said...

Charro and Richard Simmons combined? On meth? With latin music? Sounds hilarious and exhausting all at the same time. Your abs must be getting a great workout from all the laughing.

Counselormama said...

I took the much hyped Zumba! class at my gm, all I can say is, mehh. I am so intrigued by your trip here, do you guys do a support group too?

Melanie J said...

I thought I didn't want to do Zumba, but now I do. Only if I have the same people in my class, though.

Granny~Van said...

Okay, how can you not LOVE the sheer entertainment of ZUMBA?! Seriously. Everybody going the opposite directions crashing into each other? It's the best. Just stop focusing on the instructor and start looking around the room. You'll get a nice pilates workout from all the internalized laughter.

dede said...

how is it that none of your comments mentioned that picture???