Monday, April 17, 2006

Happy EASTER!!! (half price!)

I just spent the entire morning stalking See's candy stores b/c their easter chocolates go half off the next day and I KNEW it would be a race to the marshmallow eggs. I got there a little early (wasn't sure what parking would be like at location # 1) and there was already a small crowd of what can only be best described as Senior Citizens, but I mean...BARELY...I think they surpassed that category as I believe they were all in their early hundreds. I am NOT kidding. I need to start carrying a camera with me. As I walked up (clearly I was "late" as one woman said she'd been there since 9:30. it was 9:55. they open at 10.) Same woman looked me up and down and said "you can join the club!" She was the self appointed leader. In fact when the doors opened and the mad rush began, walkers and canes flying every which way, she directed people by who got there first. and was telling other seniors "no, this lady was first...the gentlemann was next..."
Anyways, I BARELY got my bordeaux eggs and foil bunnies out unsmashed. As I was leaving one, umm 'larger' granny (I was looking at my future, really) was explaining to the sales lady about her big stash "these are for the ladies at my church, THEY just love this stuff...."

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