Tuesday, April 18, 2006


ugh, I feel sick and sllowoowowwww today because I have been eating all those half price easter chocolates allll day. I think there is a screw loose in my brain(gee ya think?) where SOMEhow I equate half price as half the product. So like for instance(because this needs further depth) if I buy something at half price, which means I'll buy 2, then I can eat both but it's really like I only at one because I really only paid for one. THAT my friends is how my keen mathematical brain works. I think I inherited this madness/genius. SO if I wanna be an optimist (and after all I DO TEACH THIS IN YOGA) then I will have to go with genius! I am not half empty, but half full, only I am fully full because I ate too many half price things. hmmm. I think I am creating a brilliant (!) S.A.T. question/essay! God I'm smart. (The real trouble happens when Safeway does their 10 for $10 sale) But none of this matters at all, because the REAL issue/topic for the day is will ACE YOUNG survive tonite?

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