Monday, April 24, 2006

mochas with whip are the new 'gateway' drug...

Seriously, I just had a triple mocha at my favorite coffee place, with whip, after 5 dieting days of just coffee with soy milk,(I felt I deserved a treat, and a treat for me is the triple mocha and the new 'in touch weekly')(lindsay lohan has a new movie coming out)and I figured, okay mochas aren't THAT bad. It's not like I'm eating a pint of Ben and Jerry's or anything CRAZY like THAT! It's do-able in diet land to have a mocha, and then just skip lunch and have a sensible dinner of salad leftovers...and as I was drinking it I had new thoughts of "hey why don't I just have a 'treat' lunch @ taco bell too?" and then as I was reading about Tom hank's hair in Da Vinci Code, I thought "and after taco bell I could just have another 'treat' of onion rings, and well, screw the whole day then, I'll just have a 'treat' day! and then I caught myself. It never can be just a mocha....sigh.

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