Wednesday, April 26, 2006

diet days...

Dieting seems soo, 80's. I ve probably been on one my entire life, since I have memories, I have diets. I can remember any era, every old picture, which diet I was on. I'm not gonna bore you with all the detailed diets, you know them all anyway. But do you remember the "drops" diets. those super expensive weird drops you could at first, only buy from "drop dealers" and then you could buy them at a cart in the mall. and they were NASTY and you put them in grapejuice and they were supposed to be a magic weight loss something or other. God...what was in those drops? I wonder if they ever ended up at the 99 cent store on the shelves with smurf party hats and rainbow brite bedspreads?
Anyhoo, I swore off diets for many years, but I was still yoyo-ing with weight. So I decided for medical reasons (read reference to "becoming crazy like my mother")to finally diet and stick with it to the END. We'll see how that goes. It's been a week...and a BAD week at that and I have stayed "clean." I'm only even writing about it right now because I just can't watch the entire "idol" voting results and NOT wanna eat ice cream, girl scout cookies (they call my name everytime I open the freezer for ice cubes for my protein shake) and anything else in my freezer. SO I write.

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