Sunday, April 23, 2006


I just taught a class, took a class and had a big healthy type salady type dinner. and I AM BEAT. my joints ache and when I got up to go to the bathroom @ the snazzy restaurant I had to brace myself on the chairback. It's official. I am entering granny faze, and there was no one to point that out quicker that my half-deaf dad who, when I got my salad boxed up (I only ate half...I was "full")(that's what you say on a diet when really you want to order 5 more things, preferably burgers and sundaes)and I said "yah, well I can have this for lunch tomorrow" and he said "that's what old people do." I wanted to ditch that salad so fast, when minutes ago I was so excited about my lunch prospect for the following day. damn. oh well. I guess if taking leftovers home with glee is geezer central then sign my saggy ass up for BINGO!

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