Monday, June 05, 2006

Excuse me, are those earth vegan shoes you're wearing? Why YES! They are!

SOrry,. I can't help it. I am basically responding to my own post! (see below)I can't help it. I have thought of nothing but the stupid fucking earth vegan shoes ALL day! Maybe it's because, to a woman, shoes are so sacred. Or maybe it's just cuz I HATE HIPPIE BULLSHIT! I am sorry, but most hippies are poor. And please, "vegan" shoes have been around AT LEAST since Payless...only then it was called "fake leather" and they are $9.99, because THEY ARE FAKE LEATHER. SO dressing up a fake shoe, and making it UGLIER and slapping on a $100 price tag for an ugly ass clomper and calling it "animal friendly" is why I hate Whole Food shopping hippies in the first place!

hey ladies...don't foget your good ole sturdy shoe...for the workplace. Goes PERFECTLY with armani casual separates.

these Mandals are H.O.T. they are taking OVER the Castro District. No one's gonna call YOU a Nellie!

awww. they're so sweet. and pink. and shiny. That just SCREAMS feminine. Move over prissy Blahniks...there ain't enough room in this closet for both us girlz!

I just think vegans deserve better. I really do. It's no wonder they get rolled eyes and waiters secretly putting chicken broth in their Raw Veggie soup. Is this company trying to tell us that all vegans are ugly losers with NO taste or shopping skills whatsoever? I am insulted for them! If I were a vegan (and THANK GOD I'm not) I would be PISSED!

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abalone said...

you're on a roll!!!