Friday, June 23, 2006

why no one will get a Christmas present from me this year....

Okay, aside from CRAZY gas prices and my 2 hour traffic commutes, AND my coffee habit (coffee! who are we kidding here, if ONLY it were just coffee...)let me rephrase, my triple-skim-mocha-with-whip habit (over ice please)(and make it snappy!)ASIDE from all that, today, in LA, not breezy-by-the-beach LA, but hot pasadena, where it was 105 dees-grees...I left all my doors open in the back (that's THREE french doors. OPEN) so the dogs could roll around outside while I worked, and ALSO I left the Air Conditioning on...ALL...DAY. I just walked into a perfectly cool house, and I thought "ahhhh, the house stayed SO cool how weird cuz it's normally so hot and there's even a nice breeze coming from........NOOOOOO!"
So there. you will all get postcards, HAND delivered, and if you live far away, I will call you on the weekend and after 8PM...MY time...when it's free minutes. sorry east coasters! Love ya!

ps. no need to write a comment about how you didn't even get a Christmas present from me LAST year either. I was broke, living in LA. Save the heckles and sarcasm for your local senator.

pps. also no need to comment about how you have not seen a present from me since the 80's either. I mean well.

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