Friday, June 30, 2006


I have friends coming into town tomorrow. So I just spent the entire evening cleaning/preparing/baking/making party favors...I get so excited when people come to visit me that I feel I MUST reward them. And reward them well so they'll come back a lot. And these guys are coming from UTAH. That's far. I'm putting out my best french milled guest soaps and the bumble and bumble shampoo for them! My friend Starr, who lives ALLLLLL THE WAYYYYY in Brentwood (25 miles) only comes to visit me when she has the entire 3-day-weekend free and she makes a big production of packing up and "leaving town" to come over, like she's going camping. So now I have a complex and I just made enough goodies to host my own bake-sale, made 2 different fruit salads, fresh guacamole, gift bags for when they leave, and cut fresh flowers from my garden (i am not sure if they were supposed to be cut, so I will be GONE when the gardeners arrive tomorrow!)

Hey...I think the triple choc. cookies are burning.

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