Saturday, September 13, 2008

CONVERSATIONS with a black moving guy on a saturday morning.....

ME: (entering tiny elevator) So, is this the last piece of furniture?

HIM:(also in tiny elevator, corn rolls & pony tail, giant baggy jeans with airbrush black man face across the right pant) Not yet. But I surprised you didn't I? I surprised YOU with how FAST I am. You didn't think. I know. I was watchin' you. How long you been in LA?

ME: About 3 yrs.

HIM: WHere you befo' that?

ME: New York

HIM: AHhhhh. I knew there was a reason I had an eye fo' you.

ME: (uh oh) Ohhhh. Ha. yah.

HIM: (looks me up and down) mmmm. You are built like SUM'thin else. You just been workin' out?

ME: (GAWWDDDD! WHY?) noooo. I just teach yoga. That's why I'm in yoga clothes.

HIM: YOGA! AH. I been meanin' to try that stuff. You give them PRI-vate lessons??? CUz I need some PRI-vate lessons.

ME: OH no. nononono...., I just teach at a gym.

HIM: What else you do?

ME: (goddamn slow elevator!) ohhhh. NOTHING. I do nothing.

HIM: ME EITHER! That's what I'm tellin' you. That's why we need to CO-lla-BO-rate.

ME: ohhh, yah. ha. ummm....hey! here we are! Oh and there are my friends....JEN! JEN! The movers are ready for the couch!!


dede said...

I don't know - I think I would be flattered - how sad.

peewee said...

dede....he had a mouth full of gold teeth. in front. flattery wasn't a consideration