Tuesday, September 09, 2008

perils of a yoga teacher, book 5, chapter 6

I had my old client today, he's like i dunno, 72 or something, and I went to adjust him in this hip opener pose, and he was wearing these slick pants and my hand fully slipped and....well....you can tell where this is going. And it isn't good. I about died, said "ohmygodSORRY" and he was like "no, eees okay" (he's french....they're progressive like that) and for him, that was that. Me? i was mortified. I turned bright red. I couldn't focus. I was terrified to do the other side and NOT adjust him, and yet what if I hit his ding-a-ling again? I mean this is a guy is MY FATHER'S AGE. I am feeling pukey even talking about it.

I mean I have had two instances like this before. Once I was putting my foot right on a guy's hip and my foot slipped and I stepped on IT. But that was more of an ordeal for him than me. And another time I went to grab a guy's leg and he tipped over and I tried to catch him, and oh, I caught him alright. That was embarrassing, but he was gay and we both laughed. Don't get me wrong it was a nervous laugh for me. THAT! is never a comfortable situation.

I swear, why can't I just have a nice climate controlled office job? where the only danger is a paper cut.


dede said...

laughing so hard I am crying!

Annie Miller said...

Yeah, but if it can happen with they old dude, maybe one day it will happen with the David Hasselhoff look alike client I know you'll have someday. I know you were hoping to have a David Hasslehoff look alike client someday too. Don't we all want one? Open shirt and all?

vanessa said...

I've had that happen to me too, trying to adjust a guy in 1/2 moon and he fell over and I caught him, or it, or whatever. I thought because he was gay it'd make it easier but it didn't. Still awkward.

When it comes to package-touching, looks are irrelevant. I feel for you. (No pun intended.)