Monday, September 15, 2008

monday musings....

hey! How cool is this?! And to think I'm working all hard over here in CA when I could have invented this!

Also? I invented THIS WAYYYY long ago, but just didn't have the mechanics to get it together. This kind of thing at least makes camping ONE step closer to being possible. I mean, you know, as soon as the ritz carlton makes tents and electric hiking carts that is.

Now, all they have to do is combine these two products and you're set for life basically. Iced lattes at your fingertips!

I could have invented A LOT of things. But here are some things that aren't invented yet (I don't think) but I should invent them but won't and then in a couple of years some chick will be on oprah for inventing the VERY things I have mentioned here!

A teddy bear that's like an electric blanket. But like, you microwave it, and there's something in it that warms up, and stays warm for like 8 hrs. And then little kids can have a warm teddy all night. And I supposed if you're a lonely old guy you could have a warm 'lady' with you all night, but that's an entirely different product, really. Maybe this is already invented, but even if it is, I thought of it WAY long ago.

An application for your iphone that translates any language spoken near you. So say you're getting you nails done, you'd TOTALLY know what they're saying about you.

A mini espresso pod machine that's built into your car dashboard. Actually, what Apple needs to do is have an "icar"
here are the specs for the icar...

-comes equipped with built in ipod/itunes system, where if you want to record or hear a song you just shout it out, and it plays the song and downloads it all at once. And 'auto'matically (get it? HA!) charges your account.

-cross promoted with starbucks to have a mini espresso pod where you just press a button and espresso comes into a little icup. ePods AND ipods are available at starbucks, which you can order FROM your car and have ready for pickup.

- the 'key' to your icar is your iphone...AND a credit card. so you don't have to carry anything else around with you. You just call your car and it unlocks, starts your espresso AND turns the engine on.

- there is no more "gps' is now just call out the address and your car knows where to go. you are still in control and all, but if you're supposed to turn left, say, then your blinker goes on when you need to turn left! Also your icar is programmed to know all the nearest starbucks and will just drive there on command. Also, you can locate your car from your iphone, in case you forget where you parked and/or someone borrowed your icar to 'go tot the grocery store' and then you can see where they REALLY are.

-has built in mini trash compactor

-iphone stores drivers license insurance and registration on command. No more digging in the glove box. Glove box replaced with icrowave...a mini bake oven/microwave combo.

That's all i can think of for now. I'm sure I'll be obsessing and adding all day long.
there are other inventions that I have, but now I'm too tired to remember them. Good thing Benjamin Franklin didn't have my lazy gene pool, eh?

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