Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Regrettably, in order to preserve the honesty, integrity and purity of this blog, I, the editor must print a retraction. This weblog in no way intents to harm, judge, make fun of,ridicule, mock,criticize well, harm or otherwise alienate ANY members of my friends or family. (strangers are fair game though)

In lieu of that testimonial of Yogabitch's Mission Statement, I retract and correct the following statement...

"My little brother is getting married in April, and lets be honest here. he's my favorite sibling...."

It SHOULD have read...

"My little brother is getting married and I am HIS favorite sibling..."

And in all fairness, truly, verily, I am everyone's favorite sibling. This should come as no shock to my readers, friends, countrymen. It's just a simple fact of nature. Were you to do an anonymous interview, where their faces were blocked out and their voices were all robotic like, it would all be the same. I'm the favorite.

I'll give you the short list as to why this is.

1. I give THE BEST presents.
2. I am well traveled and worldly and speak french mostly
3. WAYYYYY smarter than everyone (no offense to my family, but that's not saying a WHOLE lot)
4. By far the coolest. I practically invented platform heels and owned the first ipod in the family. mini. pink.
5. I lived AND survived the mean streets of NY.
6. Am OBVIOUSLY the funniest
7. Have fraternized and laid hands on Hollywood's Hottest
8. Know everything about everything
9. Have had shady past paving the way for the younger ones to underachieve
10. Am totally awesome because I say words like awesome.

And THAT? is the short list.

It's not easy having to live up to these standards day in and day out, but that's what LOVE is. And I? am ALL about love and caring.

don't hate.


Kristina P. said...

You're my favorite sibling, and we're not even siblings.

dede said...

totally agree!!! - what is the long list? 12?

peewee said...

oh hardy har har dede. You knwo FULL WELL it's 14!

carin davis said...

yep...my siblings are even jealous! they would take you over me ANY DAY!

peewee said...

oh RIGHT Carin!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

What is not to love about a kind, generous, compassionate sibling? I would not be surprised if you are EVERYONE's favorite human being...even those you are not related to.

Am I close?

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