Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Started nasty gym workout. with weights. why we have to exercise? exercise is sucky. Not going to be type to always talk about gym torture. Will have rice krispie treats when get home. mmmmm....rice krispie treats.

done with weights and abs. read in A-list diet book that cardio expected. 20-45 mins. will do 20. includes stairs to get to cardio equipment. so will do 15 on machine.

see? did take 5 mins up elevator stairs to get there. Headphones on. Hannah Montana on.
inauguration also on. Thought was on at noon? oh yah. am in california. am trying to be better citizen. voted and everything. planned to watch inauguration at home on nice fluffy couch with rice krispie treats made night before for special event! not planned to watch on exercise machine. But his girls so cute in super cute coats! inspire me so can have super cute coat as treat for working out so hard. plug headphones into machine so can hear.

guy gets on next to me. hot. this not so bad.

realize Obama not coming on until 9. only 8:45. If leave now, will not be home in time. if stay on machine, will die by 9. wondering if will be on repeat later? why not tivo'd? WHY?????
can do this. can totally do this. is historical event. must not miss.

announcer says running 10 mins late. Am crying. announcer says aretha franklin to sing and blah blah warren to preach. AHHHH. Know will be winded. Aretha sing so slowwwwwwwww and add verses. slooowwwwww verses. Preacher surprisingly quick for preacher. guy next to me jumps off and does many push-ups and jumps back on. NOT hot. annoying.

FInally swear in Vice Pres. Announcer announce yo yo ma. yo yo ma not so good on headphones. not easy on ears if u ask me. Stop working on machine because need break. Just want to stand here and watch. as soon as stopped, volume stops. EVIL! PURE EVIL! Guy next to me still jumping down to do pushups. HATE. HATRED.

Finally (FINALLY!) swear in obama. would get tears in eyes except all sweated out. was quick swearing in! yay! time to get off.

9:10 and 30 seconds AM
Obama to give speech. knew it. was just hoping not. how long? never watched inauguration. don't know. question how important speech is. very. must be able to understand when people talk about at parties so not feel stupid. pray for Obama to keep it quick. Gym trainers gather round to watch too. Push-up guy watching to. but then jumps off AGAIN for push-ups. have some RESPECT guy! geez! some people!

Speech good but can hardly hear because joints screaming. Been almost hour! Body not prepared for this.

Been whole hour. Obama still talking, but heard enough to join in at parties. must get off. must go home. or will implode into joints.

ahhhhhhh. car seat good. Turn on car. Obama speech comes on radio. could have listened to on radio whole time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

home. couch. rice krispie treats. can eat many since worked out so much. double, even.
stupid inauguration IS on repeat.
can't walk or move legs.
can say I watch news now.
did part as citizen. did MORE than part of citizen! can go back to acting superior to everyone b/c sacrificed so much for country. Can now say stuff like "YOU DIDN'T SEE THE INAUGURATION?" while frowning in pity and piety. was worth it.


Kristina P. said...

Definitely double up on the Rice Krispy treats.

I had to mute it during the prayer.

rychelle said...

I got my workout in just laughing my ass off reading this post!

I thought it was all pretty short and sweet. Then again, I wasn't on the treadmill, I was sitting on my fat ass in my office. Guess that's why. ;)

Dads(2) said...

I did the same THING! I was walking and had to KEEP walking to hear it all! FABULOUS! A wonderful day!

Annemarie said...

I was totally lucky that we were all watching it on poor rabbit ears reception at work. Do you know, it's STILL ON NOW???

dede said...

hee hee hee! (didn't you know you can just read all the good parts on blogs today!!)

carin davis said...

Now that is patriotism!!!!! I loved the speech (sorry you had to enjoy it on a treadmill)!!! What a great day!!!!

Anonymous said...


In response to your Ask A Dad question - Which one of you gets the privilege of being Mariska Hargitay?

The answer is me, only because I'm the hot one.

Tyler (Ask A Dad)

peewee said...

the inauguration is still being re-run. sigh.

Debbie said...

That is too funny. But you'll be glad you saw it.