Monday, April 20, 2009

YogaBitch & Zac's Excellent Adventure!

I'm stalling in Utah. I shoulda left this morning. I THINK I'm gonna leave tomorrow morning. I'm in a sugar coma. Like I might just stay till I die a death of Zingers (thanks Rychelle!) and Rice Krispy Treats (thanks Dede!) and Banbury Cross Donuts (Thanks self!) a la 'leaving las vegas'

What keeps me motivated though, is that I FINALLY got a driving Partner. So I won't have to be alone. Once Again, Rychelle hooked me up, with what may very well turn out to be my next relationship! I knew that girl was connected...but ZAC EFRON?! I knew we were meant to be. I just KNEW IT!!

I mean, It was hard at first, those awkward silences as we traveled from Las Vegas to Salt lake. But then? just got better and better. And he just fit right in. (He offered to drive from Beaver to SLC...WHAT A MAN!)

Dede just LOVES him. What's not to love? (LUCKILY she's married!)He played fetch with the dogs ALL DAY!

ZAC loves walking in nature. Zac is WAY sensitive. When things got a little "hot" out, I he took off his shirt...UH OH ZAC! That's a pretty big reptile approaching...better put your shirt back on! I just love a man with a big Croc. After an EXHAUSTING day in the wild, Dede made us her famous rice krispy treats. Of course, ever the gentleman, Zac posed with his shirt off HOLDING one. Seriously, is there ANYTHING hotter than a half naked man and a cereal bar?!?

Well. we're about to head out to nebask-y tomorrow. If I get too tired, Zac might do a guest post. WHO KNOWS what adventures await us in...WYOMING!


Kristina P. said...

You are insane! And what, am I chopped liver? Fine, I didn't bring you a doll and Zingers, and try to buy your love like Rychelle, but I did almost save your life while you choked to death.

And I only mocked you a little bit.

DG at Diary of a Mad Bathroom said...

That is one fine piece of plastic man-flesh. Listen, if you don't close the deal with him by the time you get to NY, can you send him my way? I have a GI Joe on furlough and a Barbie looking for a new boy toy.

Meg said...

You have lost your mind.

dede said...

I miss you already!! (well not already, but I will as soon as I CAN GET YOU TO LEAVE!!)

Carin said...

hahaha!!!! i am so sad to have missed your trip completely...sick in bed of all things!!

i love the Zac adventures...can't wait for more! travel safely!!!!!!!

Lady of Perpetual Chaos said...

I'm wondering if maybe you've spent a little too much time driving lately?! But your driving partner...he's a hottie!

forever folding laundry said...

Wow, I wish my hair would look as cute as Zac's when I flat-iron it.

Happy road-tripping....


rychelle said...


best post ever!!!!

can't wait to hear what you and your boy toy are up to next. ;)