Thursday, April 02, 2009

Thursday Morning. Yep. It sure is Thursday Morning.

Can U tell from the title that this is going to be the MOST RIVETING POST YET?!

I am drinking my morning coffee. Well, what I make in the morning is a mocha latte (start the day off right, is what I say!)...but only cuz I dropped some hard cash for an espresso machine last year that I HAD TO HAVE, cuz it was JUST SO CUTE...yet I JUST started using. BUT since I am not used to buying my own milk..I usually reserve that for starbucks, to buy my milk...I ran out of milk this morning.

So you know what my mocha is made from? HALF N HALF! with chocolate with 3 shots of espresso. HA! Take THAT Kashi cereal!

It is, unfortunately, so.damn.good. I just don't wanna get used to this flavor. I mean seriously, what do you think it is, like 700 calories?

Here's my whole point...I just took a big sip and felt a giant hair in my mouth (hair or fur, not sure)(haha! look at me being a rhymer so early!) and I totally wanted to GAG.

Sure, It's most likely MY hair, or even Micks, but STILL. GROSS! is there a worse feeling??

LA di da. wanna ruin someone's day? For real. Go to this post and DON'T push play.

Really. Don't. Pure Evil.

BUT send the link to people who bug you and be all...BEST.VIDEO.EVER. And then THEY will click it and it will be in their head ALL.DAY.LONG. Mwaahahahhahaha. (Btw...wenbren does the best videos. Keep her bookmarked!) But just remember DO NOT CLICK PLAY. It only takes ONCE.

I have SO much to do today. I leave for san diego tomorrow for my little brother's wedding. YAY! Wedding!! Why I love weddings is that you get to go out and buy ***a new dress and NEW SHOES!! I've been shopping for ***a dress since they were engaged like a year ago. And every time I see a dress I drool over, i can justify it by being all "it's for my BROTHER's wedding!"

You have to understand that I LIVE in yoga clothes. When and IF I do go out to dinner whatever and wear a skirt or jeans people get confused. And yet....I LOVE heels and dresses. They just tend to collect some dust. SO when I've been buying dresses and heels all year my shopping partner goes "don't buy those shoes! you live in uggs!" and I get to go "I will SO wear them! To my brother's WEDDING! DUH!" and then she goes "but I thought you already bought shoes/dress for that wedding" and I go "well, yah, but that was like 6 months ago! And that dress/shoes are so OUT now!"

I LOVE WEDDINGS! Anyone getting married soon? Even if I don't know you..I'm SO THERE.

K, that's all.



3 Bay B Chicks said...

Am I your first commenter? I rock! I have beaten Kristina P. to your blog. Finally.

I think I can die a happy woman now.

3 Bay B Chicks said...

OK. Now I can comment.

I loved what you wrote in response to 90210 and somehow knew that you watch the Saturday morning reruns...because I do too.

Do you think that we were somehow separated at birth?

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Why stop at just two comments, when you can do three?

Have a fabulous time at your brother's wedding this weekend. My cousin is getting married in October, if you are free.

OK...I can no loner ignore my crying children.

Kristina P. said...

That Francesca! Always trying to one up me!

I actually really like weddings too. Does that make us freaks?

peewee said...

Can u imagine the trouble I will have with MY OWN wedding? I think that's why I'm not married. I fear the shopping.

Lady of Perpetual Chaos said...

We get invited to weddings quite a bit...just come live by us and you'll have to shop for weddings weekly. My in-laws always have at least 2 wedding announcements taped to their fridge at any given time. The fridge is covered with them in June. And you just never know the mood you'll be in for the wedding so you have to have plenty of dress/shoe options to choose from. Have fun at your brothers wedding!

Counselormama said...

Ugh, I am blocked from watching that video from my work computer! I guess that's a good thing. Have fun at the wedding, LOVE San Diego, miss visiting! Oh, and Francesca? I WAS first but my "Connection Timed Out" so I got booted off! :)

Carin said...

I am NOT taking the bait...nope I am NOT going to watch it...what was that link again???

HAVE FUN @ THE WEDDING!!! How can you not love weddings when it is a perfect excuse to add to your wardrobe!

forever folding laundry said...

Please, please take pictures of yourself in those heels. I need inspiration to be able to pull mine off. But please, please DON'T post pictures of your blistered, throbbing feet after the wedding is over. I want only positive feedback about how wonderful wearing 3.5" heels is!


rychelle said...

i hope that hair didn't belong to annoying roommate. (is he still there?)

i plan on getting married.......someday. you better start shopping now.

and, then i waddled away.....bop.bop.bop.

dede said...

SIX? really? WHEN I come see you I won't bring any fancy clothes so I can help you put one of those dresses to good use!

Chase was trying to watch the video with me - I made him leave the room cause I was sure someone was going to jump out and scream or something (like in that stupid bike video) - now I will have to let him back in so we can sing the song together - waddle waddle!

have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

ok let me guess, you were singing Waddle Waddle... Got any grapes? When suddenly your tasting a hair in your mouth?? oh no, but at least the cofee was good right?:) have fun at your brothers wedding!!

peewee said...

HAHAHAH! Dede!! I have abused you and now you fear everything :( How funny would that be at the end of that song to have a big ole scary scream!! HAHAHAHH! Oh, luckily I don't know how to do that stuff!!!

peewee said...

What ever happened to chaka? Chaka no like blog? chaka want Marriage blanket?

Kathy B! said...

Oh Peewee! I will shop for you for your wedding :) I'm dying to go to webren's but I'm afraid...

Counselormama said...

You crack me up! You comment made me laugh so loud I'm sure people are wondering what I am doing in here!