Monday, June 08, 2009

ain't no juan valdez

Just went to my coffee place on the way to class. That's what I do. Get a large vanilla latte or some such drink and get on the subway and arrive all coked up for my class to kick their butts.

I go to a place called 'Oren's Daily Roast'. I go there for lattes and iced coffee. Jack's for regular coffee. It's a very intricate process.

ANYWAY. Their large latte comes with 3 shots of absolute max. And today, the girl was you want 4 shots? It's free. hmmmm. I don't know about you but the word "free" is like crack. It's SO hard to say no! Even if you don't want said free item. So I was like, okay! And I was thinking I'd just drink 3/4 of the latte....that way it would be strong...and I wouldn't have to drink as much! because it's FREE! This is the same logic I use for "sales." I think it's a genetic defect. On my mother's side.

BUT you see? I forgot to STOP drinking it. And then I realized I'd finished the whole thing! uh oh. My poor poor class. I was like an auctioneer barking out poses.

And now I'm writing this entire Jane Austin style post about coffee because I think when you're high on coffee you think anything is fascinating. NO TOPIC IS TOO BORING when you're on 4 espresso shots!

And this is what Mick looked like after our "walk" this morning.

hmmmm....maybe I should try this more often!! ANd then my next post will be 12 paragraphs about me doing dishes!

(HA! AS IF I ever do dishes!)


CynthiaK said...

That's hilarious. Does anyone actually order four shots on a regular basis? I mean, that's some intense espresso in a poor bod!

Kristina P. said...

So, I had breakfast with Rychelle this morning, adn we were talking about if we have to sleep in the dog bed.

And I think that you on 4 shots might scare me. WHy don't you make a promise that while we're there, you will only do 3 shots.

DG at Diary of a Mad Bathroom said...

Speeding out on quad shot latte is so un-yoga-like. I love it! I am a tripple shot Americano shy of gatewaying over to crystal meth myself.

Lady of Perpetual Chaos said...

Were any of your student still speaking to you after class?!

Kathy B! said...

I think I would've exploded into a jittery ball of energy. I'm a lightweight. I couldn't even handle three!!

peewee said...

HAHA! I just realized I spelled Jane Austen Austin Powers! HAHAHA! Just goes to show the huge impact 19th century literature has on me!

Counselormama said...

OMG, I once had a double shot and let's just say I had MAJOR stomach probs after that. You are amazing!

Tranquility said...

That's great - glad to hear that I'm not the only one who has a weakness for the word 'sale' - especially when it's combined with the word 'coffee'!