Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Nothing Really

YAY! I just got my laptop back. My warranty is up in july so I took it in to get a new keyboard thingy. I hate going to the stupid "genius" bar because there's always SOME way in which I don't even know the most basic ways of my computer. Like, the stuff a kindergartner, nay PRE-SCHOOLER, would know.

This is why I love hanging around people who think my websites and stuff are AMAZING. They're in awe...like "how did you DO that!?" or "you are SO talented...I could never do any of that!" and I just shrug my shoulders and go "what? this old thing?" and flip my hair.

Sure, "those people" are my mom who still calls and says "can you look up a recipe I saw on the food network today? It's
DOUBLE U DOUBLE U DOUBLE U DOT.......ON the INTERNET. Can you do that? And then send it to me in the mail?"

They didn't send me to private schools for nuthin'!

Um speaking of that. In oct. it's my, gulp, TWENTIETH High school reunion! AHHHHHHH!!!! How did THAT happen?? I remember at my 10th, seeing pics of the 20th reunion girls (went to an all girls high school) and being all "sucsk to be THAT old!"

sigh. I don't FEEL that old! And I certainly don't ACT it. I still eat Hostess products and rice krispy treats and watch Gossip gril and listen to Hannah Montana. Sure I don't shop at Urban Outfitters or anything, but STILL!!

NEXT SUBJECT! (deny deny deny)

I was at Jcrew yesterday...GREAT SALE on tissue tee's $15!!!...and their "fall line" is the ugliest granny looking stuff I've seen. They've brought back MAUVE. Ick! How? Why? AND Iridescent Mauve items too. Seriously. And and, ruffled prairie shirts with the high necks circa Harriet Olesen and Gunne sax.

It fits that all this ugly 80's conservative stuff is coming back at the same time as my high school reunion. Maybe I should go out and get a perm, a bleached hair job, and some big thick giant glasses to finish it off. That way everyone will recognize me!


Kristina P. said...

Wow, you are super old. Just like I said that 50 is the new 100, 38 is like the new 79. Good luck with that.

And I was actually wondering if there was a giant J Crew store in NYC we could visit in a couple of weeks. I love their cardigans.

Meg said...

Mauve? What the hell? Nobody looks good in mauve!

NIKOL said...

I have this theory that you never really feel grown up. Like, ever. I was talking to the chair of our department, who is going to retire next year at the age of 60. His first grandchild was just born, and he was saying how surreal it was to be a grandfather when in so many ways he still felt like a little kid inside. He feels like that at 60! I have three kids and a mortgage and I still feel like I'm 14. I still giggle when someone says the word "duties" for heaven sake. But, I think that it's the same for most people. You always have that awkward teen inside. And I think that's the way it should be.

DG at Diary of a Mad Bathroom said...

Gunne Sax? Really? I just can't do it. I am currently re-learning to love neon. I don't think I can shift from acid green to little house on the prairie the least bit gracefully. What will I do with all the ugly and age-inappropriate things I bought at Hot Topic?

peewee said...

hahaha! Hot topic!! Well, it could be wet seal.

dede said...

are you sure you don't still like Gunne Sax? I remember when we were roomies and you would let me borrow any of your clothes EXCEPT for your collection of Laura Ashley dresses and shirts - do you still have those? Maybe you can wear them to your reunion!

rychelle said...

you would think the city that houses stacey and clinton wouldn't be allowed to market such questionable clothing choices.


zac texted me and said that you've kept him locked in that apartment for months. he and i are planning MANY "nights on the town". and by many i mean the three that i'll be there.

peewee said...

zac does what i tell him to. and ONLY what i tell him to.

Lady of Perpetual Chaos said...

I am in awe of your awesomeness! And I didn't die running, just sporting some serious summer brain rot. ;o)

Counselormama said...

I don't like the new stuff either! Does that mean I'm getting old? I had my 20 year reunion last August, but remember when I was younger thinking, I will almost be 40 at my next reunion!

Gilligan said...

The 80's are coming back? I guess I need to unpack my big puffy acid washed jeans, neon Swatches, and Benneton and ESPRIT sweatshirts. (gag)

Anonymous said...

no silly! You crack me up! I was 20 yrs old and thanks for saying that I looked 11, because that means that as of now I look like I'm 25 yrs old, and that brings a smile to my face.BTW I still shop at Urban Outfitters and Express! oh and forever 21, I do look 25...

forever folding laundry said...

I am CRACKING UP at your conversation with your mom. So funny!!

I recently realized that I have completely outgrown Old Navy. Anybody know the 30-something Old Navy price equivalent?

And I remember going to the Gunne Sax outlet in San Francisco when I was in junior high thinking it was the Best. Day. Ever!!


3 Bay B Chicks said...

I loved this post. Your mom and my mom would be BFFs, which I guess is not really that surprisingly considering that you and I are in love.

I have compiled a short list of other famous 80s fashion trends that you may want to consider for your reunion:

1) wearing two pairs of different colored socks.
2) pegging your pants
3) showing up all in denim, but not the same shade, e.g., light and dark at the same time

You'll be totally fashion forward.


PS: I adore that you signed up for my little game having no idea what it is about. Thank you for your commitment. It is what I require in all my friends. :)

Dads(2) said...

ROCKSTAR! I don't know about the of you alone in that big city of York . . . I think you need a chaperone . . . . hmmmmmmmmmmm