Wednesday, February 03, 2010

My life is too boring for a blog title

Ooooo eeeee. Boy is my family embroiled (I've always wanted to use that word) in some DEEEEEE-RAMA! I support them all. Peace. love. happiness. manifest.

I'm just glad that FOR ONCE it ain't me. NOT ONLY is it NOT me, but it's the 'child-formerly-known-as-favorite.' I just want to point out to my family readers....really, let's NOW talk about the value of a college degree? eh? eh? Not all it's cracked up to be. eh? Maybe SOMEONE shouldn't have received a brand new jeep for their 16th birthday. I'm just sayin'.

NEW TANGENT: I heard an ad on the radio for Whole Foods. I HATE WF. And this just made me hate them more. It went like this ....."and our floral selection comes from sustainable cruel free flower farms so you can feel good about giving your sweetheart roses this Valentine's day!"

Yes.Yes. I would HATE to send flowers from those irresponsible farms where they beat the hell outta the rhodedendrons. Or make underage freesia slave for 14 hrs a day.

I re-discovered Netflix. They now have it where you can instantly watch movies/tv shows online AND you can get them through the mail. SO, yesterday was me. In my room. Laptop on lap. Watching TEN HOURS of the first season of Law & Order. My renters don't think I'm a weirdo at all.

I also discovered OHMYGOD! Seriously. They have all my favorite crap I buy at Target BUT no tax, free shipping, and costs LESS than Target to begin with! Oh, AND if you transfer prescriptions to them, you get like a $50 credit.

In the past 3 days I have received two boxes of stuff from them. And the box says DRUGSTORE.COM all over them. So, my renters now think I sit in my room, prob. watching porn all day, all doped up. I'm glad I can represent LA. woop! woop!

LOVE THESE, THIS and REALLY LOVE THIS and How cute is this packaging?!?!

I feel like I MAYBE need a hobby. One that involves not-the-mall. I need to re-socialize. My one and only friend in LA, the one I have been hanging out with like everyday for the past 9 months went back to work :( So now my only "friends" are the valet guys at The Grove. They're nice and all. But after the "would you like your car washed today ma'am?" our relationship seems a bit unbalanced. Basically, I need to be around more people who I don't have to tip.

Can more of you move to LA?! Anyone? Anyone?


Kristina P. said...

Netflix is awesome. I hope they carry Lifetime movies.

Oh, and I had to bail on Rychelle and a trip AGAIN. I am the worst person ever.

rychelle said...

i'm sure kristina will tell you that she'll move to LA. she might even pack her bags, and head towards the airport, but then she'll throw up and loose her wallet. and you'll still be all alone.

Vegas Linda Lou said...

I'm another certified yoga instructor who hates Whole Foods! The only thing I buy there is hair dye and beer. Just for spite. And the people on the New Age magazines at the checkout nauseate me with all their healthy pretentiousness. Makes me want to start smoking just so I can blow smoke in their faces.


Carin said...

You've always been the favorite child!!!

p.s. I want to move to LA!

dede said...

I don't want to move to LA, but call me and we will browse together - when Wesley would only take a really old binky that wasn't at the stores anymore, guess where I found it???

I am coming to LA - what days are you hanging out with us?? (3/21-28)

everytime I tried to comment on your last post my computer went crazy - but I wanted to say I downloaded the Help when I was in AZ - best book to listen to!!! and no, I couldn't talk my way out of the ticket - age isn't pretty!! (I did manage to get the fine dropped down unlike my OLDER sister :)

2busy said...

I would never buy abused flowers. That's just immoral and wrong. I'm just sayin'... ;)

Kris said...

I think TNT airs 20 hours of Law & Order programming every day, so that ought to free up your Netflix list a bit.

NIKOL said...

I can't move to LA, but I'm close enough to visit. Or we can meet up at a certain theme park whose mascot is a cartoon mouse. I love that place.

Sorry about the family drama.

Cruelty free flower fields. That's a new one.

Counselormama said...

Yeah, the only thing I like about any family drama is if I am NOT involved, phew! I have been feeling like I am out of material to post! I am going to post about this crabfeed i went to, holy moly.

forever folding laundry said... is fantastic. Love it.
And we're new to Netflix but are totally hooked. If you are not hooked on Dexter yet, YOU NEED TO STREAM IT ASAP. Seriously. I'm addicted.

You could always come to Norcal....


peewee said...

I have never EVER missed an episode of Dexter. I cry when the seasons end. ESPECIALLY this season :(

Lady of Perpetual Chaos said...

What is this world coming to when people are willing to abuse flowers?! Talk about drama. Sorry about your friend going back to work. If it makes you feel any better, all my "friends" live in the computer and my only socialization usually involves wiping bums. And I don't get tips that don't involve suggestions on how I can do it better.