Sunday, February 28, 2010

Oh, L'amour ees een ze air!

People seem to have spring fever. Even here in LA, where it is endlessly springtime. I had to dig out my super stealth camera skillz to photograph this guy at B&N.

In case you can't make it out....his book title is How to make anyone fall in love with you* I mean. Check out his red suit! What's not to love??

I also got an email this morning from my friend...she thinks she's VERY funny...the subject line read "FWD: How Your dog can help you find love." This made me laugh because I have had dogs for 12 yrs...and...I got nuthin. THESE TWO Clearly are NOT earning their very expensive keep.

The "article" says "It may be a little-known fact among singles, but the truth is this: People are more likely to talk to you if you’re with a dog than if you’re alone."

Uh yah.

Sadly, what it fails to mention is that guys like THIS never come your way when you have a dog.

Mostly, THIS is what you get at the dogpark. It's THESE guys who wanna talk to you.

Yah. That whole "meet a hot guy at the dogpark" thing is a MYTH. It's a GOOD day if most the men in there are straight AND have all their teeth.

I've probably given up because today. on this gorgeous spring day, did I TRY to hang out with my dogs in the park in high hopes of catching a cute guy? uh uh. I spent the day making my porch all paris-garden-tuilleries-esque!

This may not seem like much to anyone who is handy in the garden. But I am not. I didn't even have a hand shovel to pot my new flowers. I used a big soup spoon. whatever.

THEN I was soooo proud of my new spring flower planting self that I went to snag the love of my life.

I mean, the DOGS aren't working on getting me a husband. Maybe these will. But who cares? They'll look GREAT for spring brunches!! (I know they're pricey, BUT when u think about it, WAY less than a few therapy sessions on 'why I'm still single')(and also? can one REALLY put a price tag on love? REALLY?)

And last but not least, spring fever has come upon Mick too.

*NO! I did NOT run down and buy that book**

**And, NO! I did NOT order it on Amazon!***

***But I maybe did browse through it, just to see if there was a chapter on shoes.****

****AND's hoping that the dog/shoe/book combo will work!


Kristina P. said...

Those shoes are hot! I think you need to get a little purse dog, a la Paris. Seriously, she's a walking STD. She must meet a lot of men.

bernthis said...

I just got a dog and let me say you are so right. It's been a week but my hopes are not high at all. Maybe I too will HAVE to buy me some shoes

rychelle said...

please tell me you have a date with mr. red suit. you wouldn't even have to buy the book - he'll share his copy. win-win.

Tracie said...

That naked guy doesn't approach you because he's gay. He's too hot and well groomed to be straight. Love the shoes!

Kris said...

I think you and I need to start a book swap/book club. I think we read the same highly intellectual material.

Also, love the shoes!

Carin said...

Your porch looks like paradise! I could live out there!!! It is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!

Kristina P. said...

My button looks amazing on your sidebar! Thank you, my friend.

I am coming to Disneyland at the end of March, and want to have some kind of bloggy dinner.

Lin said...

LOVE the first dog guy--sigh. Heck, I'd BUY a dog if it meant I could chat with him at a dog park.

LOVE the shoes. Very cute!!!

You totally rock in snagging that dude's picture with the bad suit and the book. I am such a chicken with taking those photos--I am officially in awe of you for that!

Meg said...

Is that seriously your front porch? I would move in and cook for you everyday in exchange for being able to sit out there and drink my coffee in the morning. I love it!

Ps. Mr. Red Suit has very large ears. That's hot.

Pps. If I move out there, Mick cannot hump my leg or Elvis. Ever.

Ppps. Naked guy totally IS gay. Oh-so-gay.

seriously? said...

Your porch is too cute. If guys don't want to date you just for that...they are lame!!! You dog loving guy is out there somewhere...obviously not at the dog park though. :)

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Great shoes- no perfect shoes. Now? put 'em on and come do my porch? yours looks wonderful. I'll even let you wear a read suit.

forever folding laundry said...

Those shoes?
LOVE them.

I totally would have taken your yoga class last weekend. Why didn't I think of that?!?


Lady of Perpetual Chaos said...

As much as I love dogs, there is one very big bonus to the shoes. Cute shoes don't poop, therefore you don't have to carry a pooper scooper when you take them out. ;o)