Monday, May 24, 2010

a whole gleek of posts all in one.

I don't even know where to begin.

First let's start with my new teenage slave...who is less slave and more money suck machine. MAN! are teens expensive!!! I threw her a Welcome to LA brunch sunday. I let her have a mimosa. A. Single. And I don't drink. And everyone else had coffee, etc.

There was like a 3/4 bottle of champagne left.

I wake up this morning, go to teach, come back (10am) and the bottle is empty on the sink. I just figure she dumped it out.


she drank it.

at 9 am.

In the morning.


I made it clear that even hard core alcoholics don't even drink bottles of champagne at 9am!!

Oh well. Alanon here I come!



This show was SOLD OUT. And because I am the luckiest person in the world a fellow blogger called me up and invited me to go! And this blogger approved of me being invited too. I think they took huge amounts of pity on me and my gay first date. And I mean, rightly so! I deserved a night of showtunes of PURE ROCK CONCERT!

I would go into detail about the awesomeness and all. And how I may or may not have swooned when this guy sang directly to ME. (I mean SWEET JESUS!)

But then I would sound like I was bragging. DId I mention it was sold out? NATIONWIDE? But that I WENT?

If you don't watch hot teen guys Glee....DO.


Kristina P. said...

I really don't understand why someone else is putting the loser L on your forehead?

Kris said...

That was my first gay date! I should have known when you baked brownies!

Puck makes me want to name my next child Beth. Or even one of my current children. I was so jealous when he was singing directly to you. I mean, it was completely obvious that he wanted you. We all saw it.

DG at Diary of a Mad Bathroom said...

LUCKY! Might have to hate you out of total jealousy. Or, worship you and try to touch the hem of your garment. I'll get back to you with my decision. . .

NIKOL said...

It's so sad that the Loser L on your forehead is backwards. Whoever did that was lame. Whose hand is that, anyway?

And, you didn't mention Cheesecake Factory. NOBODY PUTS CHEESECAKE IN THE CORNER!

rychelle said...

i think i just heard zac efron's heart break into a million pieces.

peewee said...

yyyyyyeahhhh. Zac who?

Karen said...

So jealous!

I wanted to go and had the chance to buy tickets a couple of months ago, but for some reason, I decided to save my money. I think I was possessed by demons at the time.

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