Saturday, July 01, 2006

Looks like we've made it!

When I was a kid, my brother and I got "capri sun" drinks in our easter baskets, granola bars in our stockings and when my mom had a particularly lucrative month we got HALF of a fruit roll in our lunch (once she was tired and forgot to cut it in half and I paraded the whole roll all around the playground. I wouldn't even eat it I was so proud to have the whole thing.)(which is also why I stole other kids' snacks)(but that's a whole other blog) My brother and I would hoard the drinks, hide them in our sock drawers, save them for SPECIAL occassions. The days I could take a frozen capri sun to school I felt like a pop star. If a box of cereal came with a granola bar in it, it was the crafty calculating one who got to it first, dumped out the cereal and grabbed the loot who was the victor! I got many a punch in the stomach if I got to it first, held down until I spilled the hiding place.

So today when I went to Target to get yet MORE stuff for my friends and their kids who arrive today, I was so excited to fill my basket with WHOLE boxes of Capri Sun, boxes of fruit rolls, junk cereals, pop-tarts, etc...I felt like I was Donald trump, just buying whatever the hell I wanted, no matter the price! (well, I DID scan a few items first)(I'm not THIS successful for nuthin!) I couldn't believe how cheap it all seemed, so I just kept throwing things in. And I thought to myself, so so satisfied "I HAVE MADE IT! I can buy capri suns!!! I don't have to wait for easter!!!!"

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