Thursday, July 03, 2008

diet schmiet

I have been doing SO well on my little no bread/no cheese/no sweets diet. Seriously TWO WHOLE WEEKS and I didn't even cheat AT ALL. SO, naturally I had TACO BELL last night. I caved. But in my defense, I only ordered ONE item, as opposed to the 4 or 5 I used to get. I got the AMAZING spicy nacho crunchwrap.

I mean TWO WHOLE WEEKS is just unNATURAL. And technically a tortilla isn't bread. Nor is a fried corn tortilla. Nor is delicious processes who-knows-what-parts-of cow-chopped "meat", and NOR is processed DELICIOUS melted in your mouth nacho cheese sauce.

mmmm....the memory will keep me alive for a day FOREVER!

But this morning I have ALL this energy, hence this post. I have been so tired and sore and exhausted that words were scrambled in my brain. So, I will assert here and now that Taco Bell FUELS your brain. it's um, GOOD FOR you, in it's own yummy cheesy way.

Of course, what happens in blog land STAYS in blog land which is precisely why A) I only tell a privileged few about this blog, and B) why Tunde will never ever know about it.

Needless to say, this little indiscretion is will be recorded in my food diary like this. "lean steak with lettuce, tomato, & corn salad" WELL, it could be true.

So I guess you can assume, that when I blog now, I have probably eaten something, um, energetic.

also...this is me on my diet.

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dede said...

that is unnatural - I am going to taco bell to refuel - I think you need to be from CA to really appreciate Taco Bell - people here just don't get it - I will go today - and in honor of you and your horrible diet, I will only order two things - well 3 including the diet pepsi - yumm - can't wait!