Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I wanna be fired

I am SO completely and entirely exhausted, what with the earthquake clean-up and all.

It was the longest day ever, and I don't even work that much. In fact, I subbed out my class tonight, so I didn't even work AT ALL today. Though, I will say that my LIFE is work. Seriously, when my TiVo is full, and I have like, ALL these recorded shows to watch, it's a LOT of pressure. I was actually physically gone all day, and just got home at 10pm, which never happens. And though I didn't "work" work, I ran all around doing STUFF. And I am so tired I just wanted to get in bed and not even WATCH T.V. And yet, I felt compelled to just SEE what shows I missed, and then it was more than I thought, and I was all "hmmph, I better get SOME of these out of the way" as if they were term papers I had to start on.

Well, So I better quit wasting time here, and get started on those shows.


dede said...

I can totally relate - do you know how many times a day John and Kate plus 8 is on???

peewee said...

uh oh. what's john and kate plus 8???

dede said...

tlc - a lady that had twins and then wanted one more a got sextuplets (sp?) really cute - makes me think my house isn't so crazy!

Annie Miller said...

Having shows tivo'd drives me crazy. It drives Mike even crazier. He's always asking me when I'm going to get my shows off. I'm always like hey, back off, I'll get to when I can but in the back of my head I'm thinking when am my going to fit all these stinkin shows in? It's like once it's recorded, you just HAVE to watch it. Ahhhgg. Glad I'm not alone here. It really is a chore to watch all this tv.