Friday, July 04, 2008

it's just july 4th to me

mmm...I just had a mani/pedi at the asian place at the corner. THANK GOD they were open. This is what I love about our diverse culture, people who don't celebrate american stuff and provide all the services I might need. UN-fortunately this also includes Tunde, who beat me up earlier. When i was on the floor begging for mercy and "holiday" reprieve he just stood over me and laughed that deep african laugh that says "I DON'T CARE IF YOU HAVE THREE BABIES AND A KITTEN, I WILL CHOP OFF YOUR HEAD ANYWAY"

I also got a "massage." but it was a massage from my nail lady, which means they have no real masseuse training or anything. They just like, squeeze and knead wherever. I don't even mind that, and it feels good enough, but the $10 price feels better. At the end of it they karate chop your back, and this woman WENT TO TOWN. I was clutching the massage chair with my dear life. And since she has no training she was chopping my spine and bones. (Naturally, I never say anything) THEN when she was done she stopped for a sec....and then started smacking me, literally, with cupped hands. She hit me harder than even my big brother at the worst of out fights. My BIG. FOOTBALL. PLAYING. BROTHER.

So I am on my couch now, unable to move from having been at the mercy of two different continents and their "holiday special"

at least my toes look pretty.


dede said...

so funny! Those salon people hit my legs hard enough during a pedicure - I don't think I would trust them with my back!
Happy 4th!

Granny~Van said...

OMG! Where are you girlfriend? I had to read your blog to even find out about the Nigerian madman!!

FYI, the last asian pedi I got (2 weeks ago) I got the WORST case of athletes foot!!! I'm in recovery as I type...

Call me, I'm coming to town (Augst 1-11th).