Friday, July 18, 2008

I'm still alive, BARELY....

When i was driving home from work tonight Celine Dion was on the radio and it was the 'Titanic' song and I found myself oddly soothed by it. I even turned it up. And then I was all singing...."NEAR, FAR, whereEEEEEVER you are...."

Yah, that about sums up a friday night for me. At least a friday night after a week with the Tundinator! Ha! get it!? HA! Except instead of HASTA LA VISTA BABY, he's all HASTA LA CHEESE-A BABY! HA! Those of you who keep saying I need to write a book, are seriously thinking twice right now.

I also actually worked out at the gym last night. the actual gym. voluntarily. The tv shows on in front of me were...
-midget wrestling
-Wheel of fortune
-and some sort of VH1 dance competition

Luckily I had my ipod on. There was a guy in front of me on one of those granny bikes, the kind that are all reclined. He was intently watching one of the TVs, with headphones on, and every few minutes he would whoop and clap and get all excited, in the way guys do when they're watching SPORTS. I kept trying to figure out who he was cheering? the midgets? Dancers? He certainly wasn't that excited about wheel of fortune? But I kept intently watching and his whooping and clapping didn't coincide with ANYTHING on TV. Freak.

Also, on the dance competition thing there was some song called "rock me sexy Jesus." I'm sorry, but midget wrestling aside, THAT IS JUST WRONG! Jesus is NOT SEXY! EWWWWW. Those two words should never EVER go together in a sentence. I mean, I'm practically a heathen, and I am completely offended. Jesus walked around rescuing baby lambs and has long robes and a long beard and birkenstocks. NOT SEXY.

I am SO glad I couldn't hear the words. I was piously listening to Hannah Montana. And Hairspray. And Rent. And Pet Shop Boys. And High School Musical. it's an eclectic mix, one which I could never recommend. But it does keep me running (well, MY version of running, which really, is more like walking. walking fast.) ( Well, MY version of fast. Which is coincidentally like MY version of healthy eating....I like to call it, INTERPRETIVE IMPROVISATIONAL DIETING. I wonder if I could "brand" it?! hmmmm)

Well, so My whole point here is that I haven't been able to move much all week, let alone write anything of interest. Not that it ever IS of interest, per se. And also? One of my new roommates is practically famous. Here's her red carpet moment at the "espy awards" which have something or other to do with sports or something.

Isn't she cute? People ALWAYS mix us up. They always ask if we're twins and stuff. And I'm all "My hair is NOT that long!"

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