Friday, July 25, 2008


My friend Carin tagged me in her blog. (definitely go to her blog cuz her photography is so amazing you can't stop staring at her pics) Her Request was to list 7 quirky things about yourself. I LOVE the word 'quirky' cuz it sounds cute and quaint and plucky. But really, it means all the stuff that makes you but a valium away from the mental ward of your local county hospital and/or "how come no one answers their phone when I call?"

I wonder if family members count? I mean, you know, what's quirky about me is more to blame on who I was surrounded by in my youth. My Aunt Emma would be classified as criminally insane quirky. And then don't get me started on MY PARENTS! Woooo-eeeee.

Anyhoo, I think you're supposed to write them about YOU. SO uh, here goes.

1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE People's Court. Judge Milian is my favorite Judge in the World. She is all professional and collected UNTIL someone pisses her off and she then pulls out her puertorican street slang and she says stuff in spanish like "como chocolate blah blah que bueno usted hablamos QUIERO!" (or something like that) and then she translates and is all "IF you're gonna order up the chocolate then PAY THE BILL!" I tivo it and it's the first thing I want to do when I get home from work. And when it's a repeat it practically ruins my afternoon.

2. I love mustard on French toast, like regular French's Yellow Mustard. AND syrup. mmmm, that mixture is SO good. SO good that I can't eat french toast without it. This makes ordering it at restaurants tricky. I also scoff at people who put ketchup on eggs, cuz THAT is just gross.

3. I sleep sideways on my bed, like across the top. I keep wondering what will happen when I have a boyfriend sleep over, like how will I arrange that one. Because that's the only way I sleep well.

4. I assess all expenses in terms of how many Mochas that would buy. But only stuff like bills and gas and parking tickets (and for SOME reason I have parking ticket karma, as in, I get A LOT. I have had my cars towed 4 times for that. twice I just left the cars there.) So say, my electric bill is $125, then I am all "GOD!! That is outrageous! I could have 27 mochas for that! Geez. God!" and I get all worked up.

5. I choose cleaning products on the merit of their prettiness. SO, like I HATE Pine Sol. Won't buy it. But, Method products, especially the pink ones? totally. who cares if it works or not, as long as they match and look pretty under the sink, I buy it. It sometimes take me hours in the cleaning section choosing exactly which counter wipes match my wood cleaner wipes. Ditto on dryer sheets. Who wants Bounty's ugly harsh reds and orange and bright yellow when you can have a cute snuggly bear in soothing lavender tones? I would buy Rat Poison if it were made by Martha. And the cute little cascade dishwaser packets that look like little candy nuggets? I LOVE those! Quirky? NO. Practical? YES!

6. What is my favorite thing on any given day? when some assporsche is driving behind me ALL close and CLEARLY annoyed at me driving slow, which of course I am not, and I can see them all frustrated in my rearview, and then they can finally pass me and then they GUN IT and their engines roar and the SPEED past me giving me a dirty look. Then they RACE all the the RED LIGHT just ahead, only to find themselves not only stuck at a red light, but also unfortunately behind a school bus, and then I look over and shake my head and laugh, as I pull ahead to the red light, one bus length in FRONT of them. AHHHAHAAHHAHAA...HA!


Enough said.


carin davis said...

donny osmond is a total surprise...would have never guessed it! and i am trying mustard on french toast tomorrow. i will give you a report!

thanks for playing!!!!!

Connie said...

How fun! The products by packaging is terrific. Very fun to read. Love ya,

dede said...

I thought the mustard was a money thing? a nice block of butter is just one mocha - budget it in!

Annie Miller said...

See. That was twice as good as mine.

Ashley Pittman said...

Ok a few things...
1) mustard on french toast is fucking disgusting...even i draw the line at that.
2) but ketchup on eggs?? i mean that is societally acceptable...and eggs are gross. eggs with mustard maybbbbbbe.
3) the cleaning products at whole foods are in great packaging with great matte texture. i hate the overly shiny labels.
4) so with you on the porsche. welcome to hell-ay.