Thursday, July 02, 2009

Cabin never hear "chateau Fever" or "hotel fever" now do you?

I'm supposed to be packing up to go to washington DC for the 4th. More specifically I'm going to my friend's "cabin" in virginia. But they live in DC. So I SAY DC to deflect from the fact that I'm going to a cabin. I don't even LIKE the word cabin. It screams BOREDOM and NATURE and NO STARBUCKS.

My friend SAYS I'll love it. I made him go through a checklist...

TV w/FULL CABLE? check
RESTAURANTS AND A VILLAGE NEARBY? I didn't get a CLEAR answer on that.

He tried to entice me further by saying that they made their own POND. I heard "We made our own mosquito colony."

And I didn't get a clear response to...'YAH, but what do you DO there?' Well, what he said was "we garden and read and just relax!"

That sounds VERY STRESSFUL to me.

I have not yet in my lifetime gone to a "cabin" that wasn't a total nightmare filled with unidentifiable bugs, fishing trips to murky lakes, hiking in thorns and weeds, and "helping out with" all the DIY chores involved in having a cabin. What is it in people that makes them want to do stuff themselves?? Out in the woods?? With bugs??? Can't you just buy a puzzle and call it a day? See? PUZZLE. That's the kind of word associated with CABIN. Because that's all I had to do when I was a kid at our CABIN. I refused to go outside unless dragged so I had to do puzzles. UGH

My friend swears that this will change my mind about cabins. That HIS cabin is not like that. And that I won't have to do ANY work. And that they don't go fishing.

SO here is what may be my last blog of freedom for the weekend. I am leaving in 4 hrs and 57 mins. I hope I survive! If not? I leave my dogs to Dede & Carin, collectively.

PS. IF you are a friend of mine or a family member reading this....BEACH HOUSE. NOT CABIN.



seriously? said...

Do NOT forget the alcohol!! One time, I went to the cabin with my in laws and there was no alcohol and I found myself wanting to cut my own jugular with a dull knife. It was a painful weekend.

Beach house over cabin any day of the week and twice on Sunday!!! If I had one, I would invite you to come stay for a week. But, alas, I do not...*sigh*

Kelly said...

I love all the retro stuff on your sidebars Pee Wee. I have often used the sweater quote you have on your header. We must be close to the same age I guess!

Funny post too! Love the beach house option.

Have fun in DC. It's so great out here.


DG at Diary of a Mad Bathroom said...

Yeah, way too out-doorsy for me too. Thank god for the wi/fi or you might die of boredom, before the bugs drain the last ounce of your blood.

My friend has a "cabin", but it is in a town with restaurants, close to shopping, has cable and internet, blow dryers in every bathroom and lots of wildlife that we can watch from picture windows while in sitting on an over-stuffed couch in central air conditioned comfort. That's about as close to "roughing it" as I get. I can only hope your cabin is the same. Though, my friend is a girl and she knows what's up. Don't trust a guy to have the same ideas about comfort as you, though they always make sure there's lots of booze. Count on that.

abalone said...

don't forget the spiders in the ceiling!!!

dede said...

how about I will go to the cabin and read and garden and YOU can come here and watch my kids and hang out with Bill's family!

btw - thanks for the dogs (I won't tell Wes, he would wish you dead!)

happy 4th!

carin davis said...

You've got my weekend beat too...

and we would take M & M any day...the best dogs ever...Wesley might fight me for them...but I can take Wesley on! :) Come to think of it- Sophie might me be able to take Wesley!

peewee said...

Dad...I was trying to NOT THINK of the SPIDERS. It's my new positivity movement.

rychelle said...

if i purchase a beach house, will you change your will and leave me the dogs?

Kristina P. said...

How bad can it be if it has Wiifii? I'm sure it's just like the Waldorf.

Dads(2) said...

it's what you MAKE of it that becomes . . . . oh hell, it's all about the pillows!

Lady of Perpetual Chaos said...

So are you saying you wouldn't go camping with me this summer?! How many opportunities do you really have to go to the bathroom outside?! I must confess I'd take a cabin over a tent any day!

Counselormama said...

If someone said beach house, I would be there in two seconds! Good luck, sometimes cabins are fun, bring mags!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I am the SAME Way! Cabin= death. Camping? Even worse. Yoga? No comment.
Well, you....enjoy yourself.