Friday, January 28, 2011

Hello Asshole!

Oh Appliances, how I hate thee so.

Listen. I'll break it down for you. They came to deliver the washing machine yesterday. I was given a window of 10-4. Really?? WHO has that kind of time?

They arrive at 4:35. Really? couldn't make that SIX HOUR WINDOW?

Welll, one thing leads to another and I called the guy an asshole and he left.


And JUST when I was envisioning setting fire to Best Buy, a wee savior appliance arrived to redeem the appliances of the world.

I had ordered it days before. I've been waking up with drool all over my face because it's so dry I apparently can't breathe at night. Is this the cutest thing EVER or what? And...IT GLOWS PINK in the dark! 


Now, if they could only make a Hello Kitty Washing Machine the world would be a better, happier place. 

Wait....I bet they do....
HA! Oh man. This kills me. You gotta love the Japanese and their undying dedication to all things Kitty.

At any rate I am basking in the glow of the ONE appliance that makes me happy. Even if I am still sleeping on dirty sheets.

Maybe they should make Hello Kitty Anger Management Classes.



rychelle said...

is your washer being held for ransom now?

and when is your hello kitty washer scheduled to arrive? do you know how to say asshole in japanese?

Kris said...

Oh to be a fly on the wall. I would have loved to see that! do you get your washer back? I hope you put in a complaint call to the supervisor.

I think more everyday things should be Hello Kitty. Like hair dryers, brita pitchers, and speculums. The world needs Hello Kitty speculums, dammit!

Lin said...

Doesn't that just drive you crazy when you sit around ALL day and wait for them to show up late?! I typically call around 3:30 and tell them that unless they are in my driveway in 15 minutes, they need to reschedule. It is amazing how mad they get at that!!! And then I follow through with my threat because it actually inconveniences them more than me in the end. Now they have to figure you into the route the next day or the next day, or the day after that. If you build that scenario into your wait time for the appliance, you won't get annoyed. Try it. It drives them CRAZY! Most people just accept it late because they are so mad. Go with me on this one and watch.

It's the BEST get even!

I wonder if the Japanese deliver Hello Kitty stuff on time?

peewee said...

HK Speculums!! HAHAHAHHA! Seriously though...That WOULD make it better.

Kristina P. said...

You aren't even going to tell us what the hell happened?

peewee said...

well. I WOULD tell the whole sordid story but I still get riled up. Maybe later...