Thursday, January 27, 2011

Is this why you're supposed to get married? SO your Husband has to deal with this crap?

I had to buy a new washing machine yesterday. Because my 3 yr old VERY EXPENSIVE TOP OF THE LINE washing machine broke. BROKE. Just All up and BROKE. After THREE years! Grrrrr.

I realize there are bigger problems in the universe but WHY ME???? Seriously. I don't know if I'll ever get used to wasting my money on stupid stuff like Appliances. Appliances for washing stuff.  UGH! It's not fair! What did I do to deserve having to buy a new washing machine!!?? Is this like, karma for all those taco bell burritos I stole from the student union when I was in college?

I don't know why it hurts...physically HURTS to hand over the credit card for those purchases. Last spring I spent more than that on one pair of shoes NO PROBLEM. In fact. It was EXCITING to come home with those shoes. But a Washing Machine?? FML.

I was so distraught after that purchase I went straight across the parking lot to Costco and spent a bunch of money on total crap. As one does at costco. I mean yah. Who DOESN'T need a box of TWENTY FOUR protein bars? And TWELVE new pairs of socks.  And TWO QUARTS of lobster bisque. (one should always eat lunch BEFORE going in there)

Then, since I was already on a spending spiral I finished the day off with the "piece de resistance"...the ultimate wasteland....Target.  Needless to say My new washing machine that gets delivered today will have ADORABLE matching polka dot bins to store the detergent.*

*which I forgot to buy.**

**of course***

***God forbid I buy things I actually NEED at Target or Costco.


NIKOL said...

You are so right about it being important to eat lunch before shopping at Costco. Because when you're hungry, you don't think logically about what 3 pounds of imported cheese is going to do to your gastrointestinal health. Or that there's no way in hell you're ever going to be able to eat an entire bushel of broccoli florets. Or that, hey, those coconut M&Ms that sounded so delicious aren't so delicious when you have approximately 74 bags of them. Or that maybe buying teryaki sauce by the gallon isn't a smart idea, either.

I could go on.

Target is just plain evil. I think they pipe some sort of chemical in there that makes you both forget why you went there in the first place and makes you inclined to buy pretty much anything and everything that's shiny. I once came home with $30 worth of notecards from Target. Notecards? How often to do send actual mail anymore? I will probably still have those $30 worth of notecards sitting in my credenza when I'm on my death bed. Sigh....

Oh! Also, I tried the peanut butter Sprinkles cupcakes. They were the ones with the chocolate frosting, though. Not the peanut butter frosting. I can see why the peanut butter frosting would be better. The chocolate frosting overwhelms the subtle peanut buttery-ness of the cake.

Sorry for writing such a long comment. I'm alone in the office right now and apparently I need some human interaction.

peewee said...

hey! I think I have THOSE SAME NOTECARDS!!!

Seriously. I have notecards and, and INVITATIONS...that I bought in early '03. I still have them. I'm gonna start sending you some notes!

Kristina P. said...

Yeah, I still have to deal with that crap, despite a husband.

peewee said...

Oh...And I had that 4 lb broccoli bag in my cart! But WISELY put it back because who am I kidding?? It was taking up too much valuable "frozen ling ling dumplings" space.

Kris said...

But....but....Costco is awesome! Where else can you buy bulk socks, broccoli (we eat them ALL, btw), and detergent while eating a hot dog? And samples! Don't forget the samples.

Once they were sampling Shitake mushroom burgers and when my husband asked if I wanted one, I (loudly) replied "It has SHIT right in the name....I think I'll pass".

Now I never have to shop for appliances by myself.

Lady of Perpetual Chaos said...

Shopping for appliances is never fun. And it's harder when you have to convince your husband that you actually need a dryer that doesn't spark and leave little holes in all the clothes. They're good for killing spiders though.

I haven't been to Target in so long. I miss it. It probably misses me, I mean my money, too. I really should go to Target. I'm out of note cards.

Carin said...

At least you didn't buy the new they would match perfectly...or did you? :)

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Eat dinner before Costco? Hell, no--I eat dinner at Costco! If I don't fill up on the free samples, I hit the snack bar for the $1.50 hot dog and drink special. Delicious!

There's no freakin' way a washer should last for only three years. Twenty minimum.

sister mary pennybaker said...

why didnt you just call a repairman

forever folding laundry said...

I have long suspected that appliance companies have a way of somehow disabling their appliances approximately 1 month after your warranty expires. It's a huge conspiracy, I'm sure.

I agree with most of what you're saying about Costco. But you will have a hard time convincing me that two jumbo-sized jars of Nutella are a bad thing.


Melanie Jacobson said...

My Target ratio is 1:3. I remember to buy one thing I actually needed for every three things I throw into my cart because, Hey, look! It's there!