Sunday, January 06, 2008

blah blah blog....

I have nothing to write about...

buuuuttttt, since I can't do anything else, like hold a decent conversation without hacking into the other person's ear, or get near the human population at large, or GO anywhere, well here I end up. In the lonely world of the blogger-shut-in.

I already read of both US weekly and IN TOUCH, which one should NEVER read back to back. I even started reading the other magazine my friend brought me, called 'body and soul' which normally I would have put on my coffee table to LOOK well-rounded, but then I saw the full title 'body and soul...a martha stewart publication' I was curious. Martha? holistic and a-hem, earth conscious?? I dove right in.

It won't last long, it was all pop-spirituality and had the lamest, most watered down articles. Also, again, Martha? vegetarian? feng shui? really? I really didn't see much chinese influence at in her connecticut farm barn/mansion, (barnsion!!) but what do I know? It made for fun reading nonetheless. (nonetheless is one of my favorite words. right up there with 'as it were' and 'be that as it may' and 'if you will' I am hoping that the latter will all become one word also). (nonetheless started as three words, no?)

yah. it's a tragedy, asitwere. oh, and also? cable's out. It's a "flash flood" in LA. Cable here can't stand up to LA rain. I mean, in NYC we get cable even in the blackouts, the blizzards, the writer's strike, ifyouwill. But here? nope. Stupid wussy LA and their "storm watch '08" and their "sensitive" cable. well, THAT or we didn't pay the cable bill. yet, I still have the TV ON...just in case. So it's on and I am just staring at a blank screen, even as I write.

yah, this blog is getting worse by the word count. better leave it at that. I guess I'll go read some more of Martha's McYoga tips.

"pfft. this blog sucks. I'd rather be ripping the lights off the christmas tree. oh. wait. already did that. Hey...can I have a treat?"

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