Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Mayo legs

I put capri pants on for the first time in two weeks, because I have been LIVING in sweats and loungy yoga pants, and today I went back to work, and I looked down and was SHOCKED, FASCINATED and HORRIFIED to see how WHITE my legs looked. I mean like, ridiculously bright white, like how when someone gets their teeth TOO whitened, and they smile big and their teeth are white as a toddler's except they're 50.

I felt like a little old grandpa, or a german tourist!! I had the urge to run in and grab black socks and some sandals. If I still lived in NY I wouldn't care...everyone there is overworked and undernourished. but here? Everyone is spray tanned within an inch of their scalp. Everyone here has a healthy glow, even if it is fake. ah well...I'll just wear long pants until spring, or un`til they have a spray tan special at the spa.

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Carin said...

Whatever! You don't know white legs! Capri pants are such a distant memory in this ice/snow land. I need to come visit. I would have to wear pants!!! =)