Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Fun in the Sun

I had to go get blood drawn yesterday as WELL as get a chest x-ray. It took ALL morning with my low-rent insurance company just for them to figure out if I was covered or not. But that was just the morning. Then I spent the entire afternoon finding these obscure places that my insurance DOES cover for these things.

My MOST favorite was the blood "lab". This "lab" was located in an unmarked building with "office space for LEASE" signs everywhere. If that wasn't red-flag enough, when I parked, I asked the parking guy if I get it validated. and he said "what place you going?" and I said "suite 205?" and then he shook his head, chuckled and said "no no."

The halls had bare grey carpet like a cheap motel. all the raggedy doors only had numbers. one door was propped open with a folding chair and two tony soprano looking guys were deep in conversation. Then I came to MY unmarked door, the "lab". It was a tiny office space, with one receptionist/lab "technician"/and probably cleaning lady too. I was SURE I was in the wrong place. Not a stitch of furniture, one little desk, a phone, and a Blood drawing looking chair. i was like "is this the blood lab??? cuz I think I got the numbers wrong" and the russian receptionist says "are you PeeWee?" I was almost flattered she was expecting me, and then realized I was probably her only "customer" that day. Reluctantly I mumbled yah. Then she puts me in THE CHAIR and says she'll be right back. SHE comes right back with gloves on and I said "ohhhh, YOU're the one who does this??" she just smiled and got down to business. I look around the chair....and on the little table there were needles and tubes and gloves and ONE SINGLE little manual, which was in a clear covered folder like a 7th grade book report and the title says "SO, YOU WANT TO COLLECT A BLOOD SPECIMEN" with a cartoon smiling nurse on it.

GREAT. she probably runs a mailing business and phone sex in her "down"' time.

THANKS Blue Cross/blue shield. SO GLAD I am covered! I hate to think what "EMERGENCY" room they'd send me to. Probably in an ECONO-LODGE down by the soup kitchen.


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