Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Morning news update...

K, on FOX NEWS today they reported that Shaquille O'neille spends $26,000 a month on BABYSITTERS.



WHY did I not apply for that job? I am totally qualified. I mean it's not fair. i even paid my dues teaching at the ghetto pre-school next door to me in Utah for $6.... AN HOUR. I can't even remember the name of it, only the white trash "director" who, when reprimanding a child, would say things like "He don't want you to hit him. I seen you hit him, and he don't like it." This was MY BOSS. She had a mouth full of big fake horse teeth. And when going to "pick up the kids" from other schools, would make sure she hit the tanning salon in between. She was livin' the good life. And then she adopted twin 3 yr old crack babies, and brought them into MY class. The girl twin had crossed eyes and thick little glasses and was pudgy, and the boy twin was violent and skinny and had a mullet and wore shit-kicker cowboy boots everyday. (those were a gift from his new mamma)(and he DID kick with them) they were less brother/sister, and more like a trailer park couple. When they got in trouble, (mostly the boy) which was every hour, she would come in and scream at them "I WILL TAKE YOU BACK! YOU WANT ME TO TAKE YOU BACK?!? DO YOU?!"

anyhoo, after ALL THAT why was I not SHAQ's babysitter? Why did our parents never tell us that even in the most menial of jobs, if you played your cards right, you could still make it big! And by the way, what kind of cheeky babysitter has the NERVE to charge that much?!? I mean. POWER to ya sister, but where did THAT confidence come from?!

anyway....made me depressed this morning. also made me wanna raise my yoga prices. hmmmm....

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rychelle said...

i've spent the last hour avoiding my job and reading your past posts.


just sayin'.