Thursday, October 01, 2009

I'd Like to Thank the Academy...

{Dad talking about his 4 yr old}

"She didn't wanna git up this mornin'. But we got 'er up. Mountain Dew helps a lot"
-Toddlers and Tiaras

I've been getting TONS of awards lately. (2) Is that really a shock to anyone? Let's just say....IT'S ABOUT TIME!

Haha. JUST not at all KIDDING!

Of course, I am too challenged and/or lazy to follow their rules. And cut and paste stuff. And tag people and stuff. I don't like to share the limelight, so, I'm not passing along the love. I wish I got money with these "awards." But oh well.

I was totally honored here and here...two VERY funny blogs. So I am humbled. (as humble as someone like me can be) You're supposed to list 10 HONEST things about yourself and 7 things no one knows. So, I'm gonna just do 7 HONEST things that no one knows...about this blog. I mean, really, I can't talk about my blog ENOUGH!


2. My blog got it's FIRST EVER "hater: comment! It was on the BRILLIANT Moxie Mona post! Weird, right? It was this...

Anonymous said...
I think at your age you could find a better use of your time.

I'm totally like DOOCE! And Dooce was on Oprah. SO you know what that means....Chicago here we come!!

3. My blog started in Feb of '05...Here's my first ever little baby post. The best part is my blog only had ONE friend Joe who set it up for me. LOVE his comment where he's explaining what the blog is. It's so, so, Little house on the prairie. Awwww....widdle baby bloggy.

4. My blog was "anonymous" at first. I didn't want my name on it anywhere. But, stealth was never my strong point. So I didn't have my NAME anywhere, and yet, I had a side link that sent you RIGHT to my personal website with all my pics and family. I probably blogged about my name. phone #, and street address at some point too. Oh well, don't ever ask me to hide anything for ya.

5. My mother doesn't read this blog, doesn't KNOW about this blog and NEVER WILL. That's why it's 'anonymous.' I would be disinherited. Again.

6. This Blog is banned in Singapore! If you're in Singapore, you cannot read this blog. awwww. :( Maybe someday Singapore will take down this "wall" and let their people FREE!

7. I didn't design this blog. My good friend took me from blog obscurity to blog fame. She's my blog stylist. Anything cool and creative is attributed to her. Anything tacky is me MAKING her do it. Under duress that my dogs and I won't leave her house until she does.

Wasn't that SO riveting?! I'm thinking I can work all this into a script, and get it optioned for a Lifetime Original Movie.
E! TRUE HOLLYWOOD BLOG STORY:the making of a historical piece of shit relevance in the Millenium!


Lady of Perpetual Chaos said...

Your award winning blog is truly fabulous! I've never had a hater comment and thought that was a good thing. I guess I'm outta touch.

rychelle said...

whore, can drew barrymore play me in the made for tv movie? 'cause i know i'm in the movie. right?

Kris said...

I'm so humbled to know you. Next thing you know, you'll be dating Mario Lopez.

Carin said...

If I had an award I would give it to you!!! You make me laugh everyday!

p.s. are you sure your "anonymous" comment wasn't from your mom??? :)

peewee said...

yah! it sure did SOUND like my mom!! Or my dad posting anon. never disappoint. I am hereby awarding you BEST COMMENTER in LIFE.

Kristina P. said...

Ummm, I have called you a whore more times than I can count, and Rychelle gets that distinction?

And my blog has been blogged by many of my reader's Nanny Software. Booyah!

NIKOL said...

I got my first hater comment last week when I posted about my flu shot. I promptly deleted it, but now I wish I'd left it there. It's such a rite of passage!

I feel special for knowing you.

NIKOL said...

My hater comment was from someone's whose profile name was Death Panel Member, and it linked to some crazy right wing political website. The comment (which, as I mentioned, was in response to my post about getting a flu shot) said:

"Be a sheep. Wait until you get the next shot and you wind up paralyzed. You deserve worse."

peewee said...

ACK! That IS a hater comment!! You're even more famous than ME!!! Way to steal my thunder, Nikol!

kyslp said...

I wouldn't put awards on my blog if it looked like yours, either. It is fa-boo baby!

Banned in Singapore and your very own hate-mail!?!? You. have. made. it.

(My mother would smother me while I'm sleeping if she knew about my blog.)

DG at Diary of a Mad Bathroom said...

They say that once you get a hater comment, you have truly made it. You go on with your bad yoga-doin self.

Oh, and that quote from T&T sounds deliciously trashy. I will have to tune in.

Lin said...

Smart not letting your mom know about the blog--Mine knows and now I can't write really great posts about how nutty she is. Maybe I can post them here?

forever folding laundry said...

Wow..."at your age", huh? I guess you really have arrived! Congratulations!! Doesn't it feel great not to act your age??


dede said...

I have been sick and I don't know what came out of my nose when I read about you being "disinherited - again" but it was totaly worth it!!

Kelli said...

Congrats on the awards. BUT, Im giving you something much better. Yes, that's right, a recipe for- wait for it- homemade nutella.
Or at least a link to a recipe for homemade nutella!

You can thank me with one of those little award thingys.