Thursday, December 13, 2007


My trainer, he-who-must-not-be-named, has some weird arm fetish. Every time I leave there I can't lift my arms even past my waist. typing right now is even a HUGE effort...but lifting the tv remote? impossible. seriously. I have to just watch one channel. First therapy, now this! I'd rather be sitting pretty on my shrink's couch, thank you very much. But he cut me loose. Said I was fine now, just need to exercise.


I KNOW there's another drug for me out there! I JUST KNOW IT! GOD...whatever happened to fen-fen?

Jake (of COURSE his name is Jake)(how very melrose place) is SO sweet and nice. in person.

But jake-as-trainer? not so sweet. not so nice. I can tell I am his new little project. Which I guess is fine by me. I mean this IS what I want right?!?!?

ho hummm....I just wanna be a top model.

Also, I haven't done ANY Christmas shopping yet for the simple fact that I can never lift anything. So, sorry folks, cards are gonna be all I can handle, If you're lucky, maybe I'll manage a gift card too. mayyyyybbbeeee.

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