Saturday, December 15, 2007

when you've crossed over CHAPTER 1

I made a Christmas CD for my dumb young trainer Jaaaaaake.

HIM: HEY! Who's that cute little boy singing :i saw mamma kissing santa clause?

ME: (in a squat)(WITH weights)(matter of factly) oh that's the Jackson 5!

HIM: OH! are they new?

ME: (scoffing) THE JACKSON FIVE! Michael Jackson. When he was a KID. Ringing any bells here jake!?

HIM: sang when he was little? I didn't know that!

ME: sigh. Are we DONE yet!?!?


abalone said...

have you somehow missed the glaring inconsistency between all this workout effort (spin classes, personal trainers, etc.) and lobbying for a donut maker???

the polish genes are becoming very evident...

peewee said...

a girl's gotta eat!