Saturday, December 15, 2007

things that make you go HMMMMM....

hey...whatever happened to Arsenio Hall anyway?

Anyhoo....there's a new coffee place down the street from me called COFFEE & COFFEE. I just wish I had been in on the meeting that took place to come up with that name. I mean unless it's a brother/sister team who's last name happens to be COFFEE....then I don't get it. I wanna go in there and ask for tea.

There's also a mini mart down the street that's called 999 LUCKY SEVEN MART. And the sign is three giant 9's and the "lucky seven mart" written through the middle. I looked to see if 999 was the address, and it's not. I wonder if they put in an order for 777 lucky seven mart and the sign shop screwed up and said they could have the sign for free and the owners just went for it. yah. I bet that's it.

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