Tuesday, December 18, 2007

mmmmm...cold rainy day in sunny CA

This is my FAVORITE kind of morning. TO wake up to cold rain, streets quiet because no one knows how to drive in the rain here. Walk the wet dogs to starbucks, grab a hot coffee, and then rush right back home, dogs curled up by my feet on the couch. Life is perfect on mornings like this. Unfortunately they only happen once or twice here in Hell-A. So Just wanted to share my perfect morning...and let you know that Christmas present requests are BEST when I'm in a good mod like this :) I might actually listen to you!
But you only have 20 more mins, at which time I have to drive to some clients all the way in Bel Air and with LA drivers who freak out in the rain, it won't be pretty.
LOVE and PEACE and JOY to ALL of God's CREATURES!!!! for now.

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