Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Let's just make this the season of Peace, shall we?

I think that, if you don't have time to volunteer your time to the poor, or feed the children in Africa, and you just never put money in the goodwill bucket simply because that ringing bell annoys the hell out of you (and also you wonder if some bum stole a bucket, slapped some paint on it and put on a santa suit and is going to use all your cash on crack...I mean IF you think that) then there ARE ways we can all make a DIFFERENCE (other than being a top model, or top design star anyway)(although, they DO make a difference, you know?)

So I have some GREAT ways to spread Peace and GIVE back during the holidays...After all it is the spirit of giving that drives us during the season...but ONLY during the season.

1. GIVE PATIENCE When you're standing in line at the grocery store, say, and the woman in front of you in the 10 items or less lane not only has 12 items, but is paying ALL IN CHANGE (and she's NOT poor, she has MERCEDES keys) then don't tap your foot, huff and puff, roll your eyes and glare at her. Just take a breath, remind yourself you're better than her, and take a look-see at the chocolates and mints for sale right next to the cashier. It diverts your attention, gives YOU a good excuse for a little treat, and keeps you from spitting on selfish stupid change hoarding rich lady. BE THE CHANGE.

2. In the next few days, just let everyone who is trying to get in your street lane go. pause, even, and wave them ahead. If they're trying to come out of a driveway in to heavy traffic YOU be the one to let them through. No matter how many times you have to slow down and stop. Smile to yourself. You have done a good nice holiday thing. Jesus would do it. Also, it will drive the asshole behind you who refused to let YOU in INSANE. And then you're showing HIM an important holiday lesson too. SET THE EXAMPLE.

3. NEVER EVER waste holiday candy and treats. remind yourself there are people out there starving and it is a SIN to let chocolate and stuff go to waste. just eat it all. It makes YOU happy, and when YOU are happy, others are happy. START AN EPIDEMIC.

4. when you get a stuoid lame gift that you hate, give it to someone you don't like. The person you hate the MOST even. They will be SHOCKED and they will also HAVE to be nice to you even though they still hate you and also they will probably have to go get you a gift too because no way are they going to let YOU be the bigger person. SPREAD THE JOY.

That's all I've come up with for now. Maybe print this up for yourself, hang it above your bathroom mirror, to remind yourself to LIVE IN LOVE and truly make this THE SEASON OF GIVING.


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Sister Verdell Christiansen said...

Truly, verily, Sister, you have given us all an important lesson here!! Let us each humbly pray, that we too may embody the Reason for the Season. Amen.