Thursday, February 12, 2009

I know, I know...

Listen, i know it's been a while and that that video didn't cut it for 4 days (though I have watched it many many times)

I just have not had A/the energy to post and B/My life can't be fascinating & riveting 24/7

Now I finally have a moment to myself at my coffee place. Oddly, this is an italian espresso caffe, but i swear EVERYONE here speaks french. Note to self:bring xavier the french roommate to be around his people.

I taught my desert yoga retreat this last weekend and I slept for 3 days after. AND then I had to catch up on target binges and pedicures and what-not. ADD to that my newfound obsession/addiction to CAKEWRECKS.BLOGSPOT.COM. Seriously, if you haven't been there yet...GO. leave this blog RIGHT NOW and go. And you will be mesmerized for DAYS.

Next week will be even worse cuz The real housewives of NY will start. PLUS Lost is still around. PLUS the Top Chef final four. Plus Idol!

It's EXHAUSTING, my life.

(mmmm...this espresso is SO GOOD)

I'm about to teach a class, so maybe something interesting will happen. Tuesday was kinda boring. No Taye, No Drew. No fabio working out with his flowy hair. (Blogger is saying flowy isn't a word, but it SO is!) I didn't even run into any freaks at Target. I wonder if all the weirdos are home, broke, opting for TV dinners and TV rather than shopping and stuff. (hmph. Blogger is ALSO saying that weirdos isn't a word. I seriously think they need to revamp their spell check)(never mind...I just spelled it wrong...there's an E at the end. huh. go figure.

Bored yet?



Kristina P. said...

You just found Cakewrecks? I am so sorry. I would have introduced you sooner. I did a whole blog post about it, months ago.

And I can't wait for Real Hosewives of NYC. Catty!

rychelle said...

seriously. where have you been? cakewrecks has been a habit of mine for a while now.
i guess i should have sent you that link instead of the one to the bloggess.....sorry.

dede said...

I am pretty sure I did send you a link to cake wrecks a long time ago - but glad you are back - you are never boring! (Now I am off to find proof of that email!)

peewee said...

Whatever with this cakewreck club! I knew...I just KNEW you all had read it. But how am I the last to know? HOW? DOes cakewrecker live in Utah???

Cody said...

Sorry kid..
I also did an expose on cake wrecks a few weeks ago. Where have you been?
p.s. Did everyone get the invite to the cakewreck party next Saturday... They sent them to everyone in the club. TTFN =)

Meg said...

Cake Wrecks is just as good as It's Lovely, I'll Take It. You do know that one too, don't you? (I think)