Wednesday, February 04, 2009

This Is the BEST Whoreish Trampy Klepto blog EVER!

Turns out Xavier the french roommate is an "actor." Though not an IMDB actor. Which means he was probably once a mime in a French Traveling Theatre Troupe. He says they don't have TiVo in France!! WHAT? Why? What kind of third world country has France become? I was thinking of moving there too. But no Tivo? They probably don't even have' tar-shay.' So that's not gonna work for me. Though they DO have Crepe carts on every corner. Hmmmmm. Dilemna.

I wonder if they do stuff like WTF and OMG. But WHAT is "quoi" and THE is "le." soooo, maybe they go "QLF?!" And God is "Dieu" and Oh My is "Zut Alors!" So maybe it would be ZAD! I'll have to find these things out. I'll let you know in case you find yourself in paris and you need to send a text.

Did u know that you can read my blog in spanish?? AND FRENCH!! And tons of other languages?? SO does this mean I can be all "My blog is translated internationally?" Yah. I think it does. And the Fabio story read way better in french. WAY more romance novel-y.

Now that I know this I will most likely spend the greater part of the day blogging swear words and words like 'whore' and 'tramp' and 'stalker' and ;cleptomaniac' and stuff to see how they translate into say, swedish. And if I know my will you!

UPDATE: There is no translation for "stalker" in spanish...but there is in french....hmmmmm, I always KNEW the french were my peeps! Voila!


Cody said...

ROFLMAO.... Well done!

Kristina P. said...

Hey, was that fat McDonald's arm always there? It sort of made me puke.

rychelle said...

you are brilliant. in any language.

Meg said...

Is he an actor in the porn sense maybe? I don't think porn stars are listed on IMDB. Although I would guess there's an IMDB for pron, right? IPMDB? IPDB?

Counselormama said...

I never thought about texting in other languages. It took me a minute to figure out ROTGLMAO!

TrueLoveIsaMama said...

This blog is hilarious! I will seriously try to find time in my day to read it more often!