Monday, February 02, 2009

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...


Do you know, that even in our crashing economy where the Carl's Jr. SIX DOLLAR BURGER is actually $6, there are still little rays of cheap and/or free sunshine!? YES! THERE IS! And who better than moi to let you know about this stuff? That's right...NO ONE is better than moi! ***

Can u believe, that available online...literally right at your fingertips..are FREE origami how-to videos? Yah! You read that right! Learn how to do the cutest origami ever! ALL BY YOURSELF!
These could be YOURS soon...

MY FAVORITE...The hamster!

Seriously...Could you REALLY resist making this super cute elephant!?!?

UGH! How adorable is this bunny in his orange little suit!? You could probably make this by this afternoon!

And, you know, if you always wanted a grand piano? Well, NOW you can!! sorta.

They even have categories for "useful origami" which include coasters, toothpick holders (who doesn't need THAT?) and My MOST favorite useful item, the DOG BOX. I don't know WHAT you'd use it for? Are those eggs in there? Probably candy!

There really are too many to list. You could spend ALL day just looking at the cute designs. AND they are rated with stars as far as difficulty level. AND you can either watch an animated video or follow the diagram! Seriously...too easy. Just one more cuz I can't resist....The Polar/Brown bear buddies....

Seriously, if you aren't already on their website after this pic then you have a cold black little heart.

Wanna make SURE you sound super smarty pants and Know-it-all at your next party/dinner with the hubby? Ever found yourself minutes into a conversation with the hottest, smartest person you’ve ever met, (like, me) and she asks your opinion on the foreign policies of some two-bit senator from a fly-over state and you break out into a sweat and panic and start hammering out words like "unity" and "change?" NO MORE! Now you can just whip out your cell and send a text!
Try out CHACHA! It's FREE and gives you a personal answer to ANY question you type seconds! Even knock-knock jokes! And if you're a yoga teacher like me, and you want to quote great spiritual leaders on the fly, put your students in a closed-eye meditation and sneak over and type in "dalai lama quote" That's just an example. I WOULD never do that! I'm just saying for those, less well versed than MOI!***

And then, a lot of you have been getting these from moi*** lately. Because they're SO funny it makes up for the fact that you were too lazy/forgot to send a card for whatever special occasion. And I HATE e-cards...but these are great. SOME of them have naughty words, but just ignore those...

And then, when you save all that money on stamps and B-day can get YOURSELF some of this.

These aren't thrifty, per se, but WORTH it! I mean, a picture says a thousand calories words!

You harboring some amazing talent but alas, it's gone unrecognized? (read:unemployed) (and under appreciated) Well, now you could at least trade your rice krispy making skills for say, a massage? win win! I haven't tried this site but it looks like it could be useful. If only I could trade some yoga expertise for a pair of Christian Louboutins? anyone? anyone?

If you're thinking I get PAID for this FREE advertising then you're WRONG! I wish! But if YOU want to pay me for these priceless resources in these trying times, you can "donate" cash to my paypal acct. Or just consider it my birthday present to you charitable contribution to the blog world! Because I? am NOT for sale!*

*unless you wanna pay me for stuff

***I have a new french roommate. I will be using my fancy knowledge of the french language from now on. yah. I don't just teach yoga. I am tres fancy.

au revoir! and you're welcome!


Counselormama said...

You are hilarious! There is a pic out there of eric estrada with his shirt off and he is pointing at the camera and someone added in "You're gay!" It is too funny, I love your background and your pic. I am going to follow you from now on if you don't mind!

seriously? said...

OMG...What a great post. You have a new follower for the funny post as well as the picture of Sigmund the Sea Monster...Loved that show when I was a kid and no one else seems to remember it. Thanks for validating my memory...I was beginning to think I was crazy!!! :)

rychelle said...

i expect that i'll be seeing one of those cute origami creations in my mailbox soon, right?!?
you have my address, right?!?

dede said...

ca va! have you ever tried origami? I would like to see you whip out that elephant!!

seriously? said...

Do you seriously have the DVD's??? We will forever be life long blogging friends and I am so glad to direct my disbelieving husband to your blog!!!

peewee said...

oh dede...I will have a WHOLE zoo as soon as I can find some origami papers!

peewee said...

...But probably not that grand piano.

Kristina P. said...

I totally want litte cute Oragamis.

And my dream job entails working for that card company or Television Without Pity. I would love to get paid for being snarky.

Dads(2) said...

origami heaven, CUTE!