Thursday, February 26, 2009

Things I am obsessed with right now...

This isn't like one of these memes goin' round. I don't really wanna know anything about YOU.

BUT I think with all the super fun people blogging lately, it would be convenient to say the least, to know everyone's obsessions RIGHT NOW. I mean like, in general, I am obsessed with, say Nutella. But not at the moment. SO I would not put that on my list. Get it? Got it? Good!

K, first up is my shoe closet. I just re-did it. I bought the shelves which are SO convenient, at Bed, Bath and Beyond for 20 bucks! PLUS the 20% off coupon! These shelves EXPAND to fit your space AND your growing shoe collection! Whenever I feel down or frustrated that I'm not married or have kids, I just go stand in my shoe closet. Then everything is sunshine and unicorns again! SO what if I don't have an Emi and a Lucia, or a Pink puffy Kate and Sophieor, or, an adorable child who writes cute notes

Sure! My shoes can't write notes....BUT does YOUR toddler go with a DVF dress? I think not.

AHHHH...and then there's my Nespresso Espresso Machine. sigh. It makes the PERFECT shot of espresso for my morning mochas (note the hershey bottle in the background) But really? look how CUTE it is! Plus it has these little espresso pods that you just drop in, push a button and in seriously like 10 seconds makes the perfect shot. NO mess! If it weren't for the whole coffee thing, I'd probably be Mormon. So to my Mormon friends out there? you may need to drop that in your church suggestion box.

OH, and the Williams Sonoma Hand Soap/Lotion combo in olive oil and coriander. LOVE the smell, LOVE the look, LOVE IT ALL!!! I have been washing my hands A LOT. I think this is how OCD hand washing starts. (I also have their distant cousins, the counter top spray and dish soap...pretty cleaning products rock!)

This is my favorite magazine of ALL TIME! I know I know, you'd THINK it would be US weekly, and for sure US weekly is #2, but The Sun is just incredible. Hard to explain, but if it's even a day late in arrival I fall into a panic. There are NO ads in it. I read EVERY.SINGLE.ARTICLE. My favorite part that I go to first thing is called "readers write" and they post a monthly topic, like say 'the dinner table' or 'rain' or 'walking home' and people write a paragraph or two and I cry almost every time at least once. They have a whole page of quotes and a monthly interview with someone totally fascinating. Like this month it's "Nicholas Carr: How the internet is rewiring our brain" and like one month it was Mother Theresa. And they are always thought provoking/controversial or just fascinating.

MY sharpie pens! I love sharpie anyway. That's all I'll use. BUT since I got this amazing glass container for my Bday FILLED with all new shiny sharpies (thanks dede and carin!!!) I'm even more obsessed. I will go over to grab a pen to just write a check to the housekeeper, and I'll sit there deciding which color to use. This takes many many seconds, and many instances of picking a color, and then putting it back for a DIFFERENT shade of the same write a check.(note the giant nutella

My bottle of 'Fresh' Lemon Sugar perfume. MMMMMMM. It's like lying around in lemon drops

My Target White Jersey King Sheet set! $19.99!!! ALL THE TIME! They're so soft! AND more importantly SO cheap. Which for me is VERY important as I have to buy a new set almost monthly (not kidding) because I insist on white, and Mick and Maggie insist on MUD.

Which brings me to my next obsession...TIDE STICKS!! I go through these like lip gloss. I spill EVERYTHING. Especially in my car attempting to drink coffee/talk on my phone/adjust the music with the dogs in my car all at once. This has SAVED my white shirts. YAY!

And my last obsession right now...

yah. that's right. Mick. I love both my dogs SO MUCH. But right now I am in love with everything he does, even being on the couch soaking wet this morning from rolling in mud at the dog park and then needing a bath. but look at that widdle face!!

K, Now I wanna hear from you. Not just in the comment sections...but BLOG IT. I want pics!

ERNIE WATCH: he called last night. said he wanted to "come over' and I was all "uh, NO, you can't just COME OVER. I require expensive dinners first, usually including steak!" And he said "okay. I can stop at Carl's Jr. On the way over. What do you want?"
I laughed like he was joking...but I'm not sure he was.


Kristina P. said...

Crap! I think your email must have gone to my junk folder. I will have to find it!

And I can't believe US Weekly came in second. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Hillbilly Duhn said...

Ah crap! The Internet is rewiring my brain??? Something else I need to foil for. Nice.

Oh, I love shoes!!!

Kathy said...

I KNEW the internet had to be the culprit! New to your blog, and you crack me up.

Obsessions? I have lots of them, so this may take awhile, but thanks for the post idea!

Kathy B! said...

Man, I love your blog. I'm going to have to get crackin' on this... but probably not 'til Monday : )

I'm already sooo behind.

And CUTE shoes. There's no way you'd be running around chasin' kids in those sweet things. I have shoe envy.

rychelle said...

that shoe closet is sa-weet!

i feel better about not having a husband or kids just looking at it too!

Debbie said...

I love Sharpies and white sheets too - just not together. Now that is a mess.

Counselormama said...

I seriously hope you don't feel bad about the hubs/kid thing. Don't tell anyone, but I often fantasize about my previous life and how much I miss it at times! Many times...

Carin said...

aaaaaaaaaah Mick...I don't blame you! He is quite lovable- and Sophie thinks so too!

You have left me with serious shoe envy! I have never heard of the Sun- since I can't afford your shoe collection- maybe I will try your magazine!

dede said...

I had NO idea you could buy king sheets for under 20 - and I just got a target gc yesterday - whoo hoo!! You know what I love more than shoes? when you get sick of your shoes (that you have worn MAYBE twice) and give them to me (remember? you use to do that - one more reason you need to move back!!)!

I will tell Cameron you said he was adorable - he doesn't hear that too often!!

If that was a joke (carl's jr.) - totally funny - if not???