Saturday, February 21, 2009

Why I want to give birth to a 5 yr old

I randomly ran into the cutest 5 yr old girl on my block. I live in a Hasidic Jewish neighborhood and they HATE dogs. The kids usually run screaming when they see me by myself, let alone with my two hounds of hell. I saw her, and started to walk away so I wouldn't scare her...


ME: OH! Well, do you want to pet them?


(Mick is beside himself that a child is TALKING to me, let alone looking like she might want to see him. He goes right up to her)

HER: (giggling) HE sure does like ME! Does he like YOU?

ME: UHHH, YAH. Mostly. when I give him treats


ME: Is that Okay?

HER: YAH! Of course. I like when he dogs lick me. Just not on my face. Cuz I would hate for a dog to see my cry.

ME: hmm. okay. What are you, like 5?

HER:YAH! How old is he?

ME: 1 and a half

HER: oh. Where do you live?

ME: I live right across the street.

HER: (sad) oh. I'm not allowed to cross the street. I'm only in kindergarten. Kindergartners aren't allowed to cross the street. (pause. thinking) Maybe when I'm 6!

ME: sure! whenever you want! Do you have brothers and sisters?

HER: YAH! I have 3 sisters. Plus also me. I'm a sister. Plus a bunch of brothers but i don't know how many brothers I have. Just a lot.

ME: SO do you have 2 more sisters? or 3 more sisters?

HER: (thinking, counting on her fingers) I DON'T KNOW! I'm only 5! But one of my sisters is a baby. She's 1. Not 1, like your dog. But a different kind of 1.

ME: you mean she's not 1 and a half

HER: yah. she's just the regular 1.

(her sister comes out and says..."mom says you need to come inside now!")

HER: (petting mick, looks up at her sister) mmmm. mmmmmm, no.

ME: well, the dogs have to go eat lunch now anyway, but we'll see you again! It was nice meeting you!

She smiles and skips off. Then turns around and waves "BYYYYYYY! I SURE LOVE YOUR DOGS!"


Meg said...

oh wow, that's awesome.

Kristina P. said...

She sounds adorable! You birth the 5 year-old, and I will birth the 3 year-old.

seriously? said...

How about a six year old??? She is really cute but, she has a bit of an attitude these days. Let me know if you want a deal.

peewee said...

seriously? HAHAHHAH! I'll trade you for one giant insane golden retriever :)

forever folding laundry said...

Cute!!! You're bridging the gap, one paw at a time!

dede said...

she is cute on the street - but I bet she is a pill once she gets inside (I have a 5 year old - I know how they can be cute for a minute, and then themselves the rest of the day!!)

you need to figure out how many siblings she really has!!

Counselormama said...

I recommend "lease with option to buy" as I have a dear, sweet five year old myself!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Oh, PeeWee, can I tell you how I have missed your blog this week? My kids got sick and I was unable to stop by and comment.

Being able to swing by on a Saturday night, kick my feet up, and make myself comfy feels good. I think I might just stay for a while and read all of the posts I missed. Think of me as your blog squatter, not stalker.

What are you serving in terms of drinks this evening?


peewee said...

BAY B...HA! That's what I was just doing! Reading blogs. On a sat night. I am livin' the life man. LIVIN' THE LIFE!

Carin said...

how could anyone resist Mick!? so cute!!!!

rychelle said...

so stinkin cute!

was her mom giving you the stink eye through the kitchen curtains?

San said...

That's true. Skip through the night feeds... the terrible twos... Oooh! Sign me up too! I'd love a 5yo gal like this precious one! :)

Granny~Van said...

I bet you have just found your FIRST Hasidic stalker!!! She's sounds simply enchanting (just like US)!!! Find our her name!!