Thursday, February 14, 2008

here's an email I got from a totally annoying yoga teacher who works at my same company...

Hey, are you an actress at all?

my reply: nope. why?

her reply: well, i am shooting an independent film and there's a part that call for a CURVY, SWEET, SENSITIVE GAL.

FIRST OFF....GAL? really?

SECOND....I AM NOT SWEET AND SENSITIVE! retarded is she? and who the hell writes a movie with a fat sweet sensitive GAL? fat people are mean and bitter because they can't eat a whole bag of oreos in front of people. And WHO writes that to a co-worker WHO IS NOT YOUR FRIEND?

I swear next time I see her, I will punch her in the throat. Then maybe she'll think twice about that 'sweet' comment!


eve said...

huh. don't punch her in the throat though, i think that could be considered creating a "hostile work environment" and get your bitter butt canned.... or in other words, get your can canned. but if you do, and if you did, you could always pimp out your dogs to the film business for a living because they are so photogenic! that photo at the bottom of the blog? please! it's too good. you should make a greeting card out of that and send it to me : ).

Meg said...

I hate the word "gal." I really do.