Friday, February 01, 2008

Hey! Who put their sweats in MY ROBE? HEY! Who put their robe in MY SWEATS!?

Now, the thing with stuff like this, is it ENCOURAGES shut-ins, depressies, TV crazies and housewives/single yoga teachers to NEVER. LEAVE.THE.HOUSE.

I would LOVE to see the woman who created this little number. One day she was all hunkering down with a quart of baskin robbin;s jamoca almond fudge (you know, I'm just GUESSING) and she was in her regular flawed bathrobe, and she thought, "I SO wish I didn't have to make the EFFORT to put on my robe AND then put on a pair of sweats. waiiiiittttt, I KNOW!

Also, all the ads for these have skinny women lounging around in them ,which is just plain funny, skinny women don't wear shit like this. I mean, it's basically an adult trundle bundle. Skinny women lounge around in skimpy silk short robes. Just you wait, this will be one of Oprah's favorite things this year. OPRAH.

PS. if you secretly went to the website to order this, don't worry, I GET it.

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