Tuesday, February 26, 2008



I just found out today, when I went to teach my class, and went to USE MY IPOD/IPHONE for music, THAT IT DOESN'T PLAY ON A STEREO LIKE THE REGULAR IPOD DOES!!!!

I bought that damn phone TO REPLACE MY STOLEN IPOD!

And now I can't even USE IT!!!

Which MEANS that I have to go buy ANOTHER IPOD.

I SERIOUSLY hate apple right now. Why do they have to do stuff like that when they COULD MAKE IT EASY. It's blatantly ripping us (me) off! They did this with the nano/nike thing. So when I actually paid the $125 for the nike shoes AND the little ipod nike adaptor so you can track your runs, etc, only to find out that I CAN'T use my regular ipod...I would have to buy the nano only!!! Why? it is SO unfair.

But I forgave them, well because I HAD to. It's like forgiving your drug dealer for whatever because you know he's THE ONLY drug dealer in town.

That's what Apple does to us, and THEY KNOW IT!

I am full of hate. And here I was on a hawaii high and they totally killed my buzz.

And the worst part?

I will still have to buy their stupid products. this is blackmail. extortion. I wonder if I can sue?

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Ashley said...

hey...my iphone plays on the stereo...wtf? maybe you bought the new cool one that doesnt? you should call apple support and ask though