Sunday, February 10, 2008

three blind annoying mice....

i just went to take mick to the vet to get fixed. (Mick's fix! HA!) (i see a kid's book happening here)

At any rate, I was driving down santa monica blvd, a VERY busy street, and at a stop sign, right when I stopped, was this blind guy who was attempting to cross. He was so sweet looking, and he maybe is newly blind? cuz he seemed nervous to cross with his stick thing, and he was reaching his hands out like he was afraid.

I had such sympathy. i mean, I WOULD HAVE, had he not begun to shuffle his feet, "happy feet" style and I saw that he had an ipod, and he was dance/shuffling with his ipod, with little happy penguin feet that seemed to go NOWHERE. I waited. and waited. and waited while he busted a move across the crosswalk. And then I wondered if maybe he was even blind. I mean this IS LA. anyway, he kept doing little hands boppin to the beat gestures, and shaking his hips, etc.

I could NOT have been more fascinated and annoyed at the same time.

On another note, the house is SO QUIET without Mick. On one hand I miss him (he's been gone now 30 mins) and on the other...well, actually, i can't imagine life without him anymore. it's just too...easy. I mean we walked into the house, beck and maggie following obediently behind, they came in, went straight to their beds (my bed) and that was it! no, screaming for mick to drop the neighbor's newspaper, no barrelling through the front door headed straight for my uggs, no barking his head off wanting a treat...still, too quiet though.

UPDATE: Beck and Maggie seem to have a mixed reaction...they are either thrilled that I took Mick to "a better suited home for special needs" or they think they're next.

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