Thursday, February 28, 2008

one of THOSE days...already....

It is only 10 am and right now, as I am TRYING to be on my computer doing, STUFF, all three dogs are in my very small office, Beck is panting on me, so close to my body that we are practically ONE, Mick is under my chair, doing TWO things, simultaneously
holding maggies Ball in his mouth, and chewing on the chair. I don't know how he is accomplishing this, but if I LOOK DOWN to see it will only excite him and he'll be all "OH.MY.GOD. SHE'S LOOKING AT ME!!!!!!" and then he'll do both things more fervently. And Maggie is barking right in his face, under my chair because he won't give up the ball. And then looking at me barking at me so I can get rid of/discipline him. While she's barking she keeps lunging under my chair to get at him.

So if you were ever considering getting a dog?

A. Read the Bible instead...WAY more quiet.
B. Consult me first, cuz I have a couple of Extras that you can just HAVE.

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